Field trip..

Short story “Today you’re going on a field trip” the teacher said. “You will go with your fellow students to retrieve your assigned specimen. Then you will observe, probe, take notes and discover things you have not seen before. You will make a report about your experiences on your PMD (Personal Management Device) for evaluation […]


A short story Fred sat on the ground and looked at her. She looked awful and he was disgusted but not enough to look away. It was eerily captivating to look at her as she was sitting leaned up against the steering wheel. So much blood. She should be dead and at first Fred thought […]

Losing the head..

Short story A scratching sound.. He turned his back to it. It sounded like something was approaching. A faint chitinous sound that grew louder. Something tugged at the edge of the duvet. He turned again. Small pressure points moving across it as if something was walking on it. He turned around again covering his head […]

Bumblebee in trouble..

Based on a true story It is summer. There’s so many flowers to get nectar from – some better than others – but I’m very busy finding flowers. I come from a hole in the ground and my queen was wise and found an empty nest. Mice had been living there but they were gone […]