Rice porridge – the couch way..

Recipe This is one of the easiest recipes on the planet. The only choice is whether you want to spend your time at the stove or doing something else while dinner gets almost done on the couch. I know what I want, because milk in a pot is annoying if you don’t stir often enough. […]

Æbleskiver from scratch..

Recipe As I mentioned in this post, √¶bleskiver (pancake puffs / pancake balls) is a tradition in Scandinavia. All through December people eat these with great joy and without cutlery. I was told that my recipe would be a good addition to the list of traditions, and now that I have a moment, I’ll share […]


Dec 8. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia We know the tradition; if you stand under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve anyone is allowed to kiss you on the lips. So if you don’t want that, mind the doorframes and other places where someone could have hung it. The tradition seems to be a big thing in […]

Carrot cake..

Recipe This cake is very delicious. Fresh out of the oven and the whole house has a nice fragrance. There’re carrots in it so it healthy, right? Wrong! It’s not good for us but dang it’s good. Let’s heat up that oven! We’ll need: 2 eggs 100 g butter 150 g brown sugar 125 AP […]

Cinnamon Rolls..

Recipe I admit it.. I have a weakness for these. I like them a bit smaller than standard so I divide the dough (and remonce/filling) in two. They’re delicious and irresistable fresh out of the oven. Still lukewarm without icing.. oh boy. Or cold with icing.. yummy. Either way; a batch doesn’t last long. Let’s […]