Metal colours.. and leftovers..

I had some gold, brass and silver that I didn’t really know what to do with so I figured: why not combine them and see what happens. First one is a dirty pour, panning and some lines made with a palette knife. What ran off the canvas ran/dripped down on the other one I’d prepared […]

New gravatar..

In the beginning I picked the stray cat that visits me from time to time because I just needed something in that spot. But I wanted to change it, it’s a bit difficult to se what’s going on in the picture, so I made a painting and wanted to use that instead in the hope […]

No title..

I got a weird question some time ago. Well.. weird at first but after a bit of thinking it actually made sense. “Why don’t you give your paintings a title?” And it’s true, I don’t. Just a number. First one I ever made is of course nr. 1. Then nr. 2 and so on, you […]

Canvas therapy..

So I ordered a gaming chair for my self. I need something good to sit in and since I don’t want a standard office chair I went for the gaming chair. It looks really good and comfy and the company is fast so I thought “yes! I’ll get it before the weekend and then..” What […]