Smokey anniversary..

Today is a weird anniversary. It’s excactly one year since I stopped smoking. One year since I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Something I’ve never tried before and I can’t recommend it. I’ve been thinking about what has happened since that scary day. I was in the middle of cleaning when suddenly […]

Test Driving The Limo..

I predicted that I would need help to some degree after my involuntary visit to hospital, so I decided to buy my self a limo. Always wanted one of those. Of course I can’t afford a real limo, but this will do fine. To be fair I did send someone to buy it because I […]


Maybe I can make a proper post now. The worst rollercoaster feelings are gone and left is a more clear understanding of the situation and a more focused perspective on things. There’s not really any panic or anxiety left, just a stubborn determination – a defiance that won’t be silenced. Life threw another curveball at […]