Metal colours.. and leftovers..

I had some gold, brass and silver that I didn’t really know what to do with so I figured: why not combine them and see what happens. First one is a dirty pour, panning and some lines made with a palette knife. What ran off the canvas ran/dripped down on the other one I’d prepared […]

Pouring journey so far..

Evaluation Pfuiih it’s been.. four months?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I started combining paint and canvases a little over four months ago. Back then I was intimidated. Very intimidated! I’ve always been told that if you can’t draw, you can’t paint. And I can’t draw. I’ve tried to learn but I […]

Feeling pink..

I wanted to try swiping because I’ve never done that before so why not. It looked like fun. Picked a piece of aluminium foil and turned it into the tool I needed. It was fun. It just didn’t give the result I wanted. Hmm.. lesson learned and now I know what not to do. I […]


I like the ocean. It’s interesting to see and learn about the wildlife and when ever I can I’ll watch a documentary about it. It doesn’t really matter about the topic as long as i find it interesting. Of course some topics are more interesting than others, I find a hammerhead shark infinitely more interesting […]

Blowdryer painting..

This was a test. I wanted to see what it looked like, so I poured and manipulated. Then bent over and started to blow on the wet paint to get it moving. Nothing happened. Blew again. Nothing. What the..? Focus this time! No movement at all. Pfuuiihhh!! At this point I believe I started to […]

New gravatar..

In the beginning I picked the stray cat that visits me from time to time because I just needed something in that spot. But I wanted to change it, it’s a bit difficult to se what’s going on in the picture, so I made a painting and wanted to use that instead in the hope […]

To the warp with it..

People in my world don’t understand it. They look at one of my paintings – they’re hanging on the walls so they’re kind of difficult to miss – and say “that’s nice” but I can see they just say something nice because they don’t want to say what they really think (“what a waste of […]

No title..

I got a weird question some time ago. Well.. weird at first but after a bit of thinking it actually made sense. “Why don’t you give your paintings a title?” And it’s true, I don’t. Just a number. First one I ever made is of course nr. 1. Then nr. 2 and so on, you […]

Canvas therapy..

So I ordered a gaming chair for my self. I need something good to sit in and since I don’t want a standard office chair I went for the gaming chair. It looks really good and comfy and the company is fast so I thought “yes! I’ll get it before the weekend and then..” What […]