Christmas Story 2020 part 2..

Second Sunday of Advent The air in Santa’s office was almost electrical. Shinny Upatree was standing next to Santa’s enormous desk. Mrs. Claus sat in a rocking chair, no longer crying but with at worried expression on her face. Wunorse Openslae and Bushy Evergreen had both been summoned and everybody was talking at the same […]


We all know them. The traditions that make things “right”. This time of year the traditions are very visible and what makes people happy – something we all need this year! People are thinking about Christmas, preparing the event in spite of everything. The thought of not being able to be with loved ones is […]

Christmas Story 2020 part 1..

First Sunday of Advent Scary sounds came from the enormous kitchen. Shouting, clattering of pots and pans. The sound of something hitting the floor – breaking. It sounded like someone had broken in and was in the middle of searching through everything. The sound of crying could be heard behind the noises. Pepper Mintstix ran […]

Losing the head..

A scratching sound.. He turned his back to it. It sounded like something was approaching. A faint chitinous sound that grew louder. Something tugged at the edge of the duvet. He turned again. Small pressure points moving across it as if something was walking on it. He turned around again covering his head with the […]

Dead spy or..?

Sometimes something unexpected happens. It can be annoying or interesting depending on the angle from which you’re looking. This one was interesting – for us at least and I had to pause the “trying to create a pattern project” I’m working on. Yesterday we saw and tasted something “new”. Moxxi has never caught one before […]


This is about the most hated activity of Moxxi’s. Claws needs trimming. She really hates it and I can’t really blame her. It feels so nasty and I can imagine how awful it must feel for her. What she does like however is the nail file. We go through this every 4-5 weeks and it’s […]

Crafty Boat.. part 2

Suddenly it was surrounded by looming skies, waves raising to heights the boat had never experienced before, no rain but the sound of thunder was deafening and the houling winds and strong currents forced the boat to struggle to stay on course. The engine worked hard. The boat soon realized that it was no ordinary […]

Crafty Boat.. part 1

The boat was far from shore. It wasn’t anything special. Just the average boat. It had scratches and scars from wear and tear but the boat was more sturdy than you might think. It had sailed through many storms, fought its way over countless waves, endured the blistering heat of the sun-filled days and shivered […]

Mail time..

“Knock Knock” Someone’s at the door. Moxxi isn’t allowed this time, but she’s alert and SO ready to see what it is when I come back. I go to the door, open it – I know the “box-man” doesn’t have time for a dogs interest – sign for the box and by the time I’ve […]

Helping paws..

The whole point of a service dog is to get help with the things you can’t do yourself. They’re really good at what they do. Imagine that your whole life revolves around one job; to help a human. Often it’s the same task. Several times a day. Every day. They’re more than willing to do […]