Summer cleaning..

Moxxi’s toy box Sometimes I have to organize Moxxi’s toy chest. She doesn’t like when I do that but we need to get rid of the things that doesn’t belong in there like dead spiders, dust bunnies and weird branches she’s hauled inside. This time she invites you to have a look and share her […]

Home made paw pad care..

No chemicals – easy to make The paw pads of a dog and outdoor cats has to deal with a lot. Heat, cold and every kind of surface. They’ll get cracked – that hurts – if not cared for. I feel it’s a good investment to care for the paw pads. Not only does it […]

Happy birthday, Moxxi..💌

Four years. Time goes by so quickly. Seems like yesterday she was just a lil’ pup with a small tail and a huge ego. Now she’s grown up girl with a big tail and a huge ego.She doesn’t understand birthdays, obviously. But she understands gifts and and the exitement of new things. Her toy box […]

Wool into yarn..

It seems weird but it isn’t. Many people do this. It’s a hobby just like everything else and those who spin their dog’s wool into yarn usually have a goal. A hat. A pair of mittens. Or some really warm socks. There’s different ways to spin and I won’t go into all of them here, […]

She’s finished..

It took about three months – maybe because spring was very cold compared to normal. But she’s done blowing coat. She’s back to normal shedding like everybody else. Now it’s possible to relax a little from the wolly side of cleaning. Brushing is reduced to normal; once a week. She’s happy the wool is gone […]

Hot dog..

Most of my efforts for the last three days have been about cooling Moxxi down. AC is not standard in this country but we have other ways. The temperature has been 25-32oC and for once we’re experiencing a regular heatwave. I think the only ones happy about the warm weather are the catties and me. […]

Wonderful watermelon..

If there’s something Moxxi and I enjoy when it’s hot it’s watermelon. Of course I enjoy the hot weather much more than she does, but we both enjoy going to town on a delicious treat like this. It’s such a great way to bond and enjoy a simple thing. Aside from containing antioxidants, vitamins and […]

Yay! New food..

Imagine to be exited about getting the same kind of food, just a different taste. Moxxi always does. Well, anything that comes inside is sniffed because “what if?”. Even the stuff for the catties and me must be inspected. Groceries too, Mox’s very fond of fruit and veggies so it’s interesting to see if I […]

Rescue mission..

Usually when Moxxi is sniffing and digging around there’s a mouse she can hunt. Not this time. She found something allright but not something she’s allowed to hunt, hurt or kill because it’s an endangered species. She woke this one up from it’s slumber. It’s still a bit too cold so it wasn’t in the […]


Looking like a tepee today (too). I ran out of heat a week ago and since the shop decided that it’s summer now there’s no heat to be found. Just patio furniture and summer stuff that no one wants right now. They – like I – want something to put in the oven but no […]