Merry Christmas 2021..

Dec 24 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia Christmas Eve isn’t right if Santa isn’t there, agreed? There’s no way around him. Santa IS Christmas, yes? At least for children and those of us who never grow tired of Santa’s magic. Some of the participants in the Christmas events may or may not be real but the […]


Dec 23. Presents Today is what we call “Little Christmas Eve”. It’s the day before The Day and for the kids this is the last whole day of waiting for the one thing they think of as “Christmas” – the presents. The idea of giving presents is Roman. Apparantly they started giving gifts this time […]


Dec 22 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia It had to come. That difficult word that causes so much trouble for foreigners to say and can’t be translated properly. A good bet is “Danish pancake puffs” or ” pancake balls” or for the brave who want’s to try: “æbleskiver”. Emmy in this video is the first I’ve […]


Dec 21 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia Waffles are yummy! And many eat these in December. As far as I know they come from Belgium and has been around for about 150 years. They’re almost as popular as “æbleskiver” and are also sold freshly made in a Christmas Marked and you can make them yourself, either […]

Star or Angel..

Dec 20. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia Stars plays a big role in our Christmas. I symbolizes of course the star over Bethlehem. To celebrate the birth of Jesus we put a star on top of our Christmas tree. Others use an angel on top of the tree. As far as I know it symbolizes the […]

Branch on the wall..

Dec 19 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia Some have traditions about how and when they decorate for Christmas. My tradition is to add something new every year. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something I’ve made. This year it’s the branch that fell down during a storm. It has been decorated for Halloween, and […]

Christmas Dinner..

Dec 18. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia This tradition is tied to the annual event of slaughtering the pig. That’s why there’s a lot of pork in the meals. We’re good at eating and a lot of people prefer “the usual” for dinner Christmas Eve. That means: pork roast, duck (or both), “medister” (spicey sausage is […]


Dec 17. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia Christmas is about playing too and almost everybody knows this one. This game is the one where you’re allowed to steal gifts from your opponents and the goal is to get as many as possible. The gifts are bought or found with this game in mind and doesn’t affect […]

TV Advent Calendar

Dec 16. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia This has been a loved tradition for many years. Sit down in front of the TV and watch the Advent calendars. From the traditional idyllic to the goofy, from the scary to the fun and so on. I’ve seen a lot of them and two stands out to me […]

Baking Cookies..

Dec 15. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia Baking! It’s one of the things there just have to be time for. We love the cookies and most like to bake them too. Or at least some of them. No point in baking something you don’t like, right? So many different kinds of what we call Christmas cookies […]