Yay! New food..

Imagine to be exited about getting the same kind of food, just a different taste. Moxxi always does. Well, anything that comes inside is sniffed because “what if?”. Even the stuff for the catties and me must be inspected. Groceries too, Mox’s very fond of fruit and veggies so it’s interesting to see if I […]


A short story Fred sat on the ground and looked at her. She looked awful and he was disgusted but not enough to look away. It was eerily captivating to look at her as she was sitting leaned up against the steering wheel. So much blood. She should be dead and at first Fred thought […]

Rescue mission..

Usually when Moxxi is sniffing and digging around there’s a mouse she can hunt. Not this time. She found something allright but not something she’s allowed to hunt, hurt or kill because it’s an endangered species. She woke this one up from it’s slumber. It’s still a bit too cold so it wasn’t in the […]


Looking like a tepee today (too). I ran out of heat a week ago and since the shop decided that it’s summer now there’s no heat to be found. Just patio furniture and summer stuff that no one wants right now. They – like I – want something to put in the oven but no […]

So it begins.. again..!

It’s spring! Except for a few spring flowers there’s not much spring anywhere. That home-made cover is now serving as a cozy raincoat. We have to protect those kidneys and even though it looks ridiculous she’s happy wearing it. It stays in place and doesn’t move anywhere. It protects her and she knows. But back […]

Unwelcome passenger..

That’s usually how I feel about the world – but this bit is not about me. It’s about a little critter that doesn’t pay rent, who aren’t welcome and causes worries and war in this (and many other) household. It’s cold as *beep* and the health hasn’t been on the same track as me. I’m […]

Eggscuse me..

Moxxi likes challenges and learning new things. Yesterday she did both. I taught her the difference between right and left paw so now when I say “right” or “left” she’ll lift the corresponding paw and get a reward. How cool is that? Also the challenge was “put a raw egg in the dogs mouth and […]

What she’s made for..

Moxxi is in heaven. She’s sooo happy and wants to go outside all the time. The howling and extreme cold wind slowed down and the snow came. On our part of the island that is – the rest of the island has no snow at all. It’s still cold but as long as the wind […]

Snow! ..ish..

Yesterday.. Breaking news.. It didn’t rain!! Well not until the afternoon but still. It was dry and the sun peaked through. Imagine to be happy just for that? It was almost euphoria. That’s how long it’s been grey and rainy. So Moxxi and I was outside for a good deal longer than usual – she […]

Afraid in the dark..

Short story Wilbur sat up with a jerk. He’d just moved in and needed a little rest but then he fell asleep. What was is he’d heard? He was sleeping peacefully and was dreaming but then there was this sound that didn’t belong in the dream. What had made that sound? Stomp!! … Stomp!! It […]