Recipe Summer means cucumbers. A lot of them! What better way to use some of them than to make tzatziki. Garlic and cucumber goes really well together. Delicious with meat or fish, with a burger, as dip, with enchiladas or burritos, or as is on a piece of toast. There’s a lot of options. This […]

Chocolate cake..

Recipe This cake is so easy to make it’s great for beginners, kids or someone like me who doesn’t feel like spending hours baking. It’s all about add the stuff, mix well, bake, decorate, done. My kind of cake. Also.. you can cut it up, wrap the pieces really good and let them live in […]

Apple goodness..

Recipe The apple tree was very productive this year. It’s a very young tree but it yielded seven pounds of healthy deliciousness. The apple sauce I made a week ago has been living in the freezer because I wanted to wait posting until I had at least a couple of dishes containing this wonderful fall […]