Oven, stitches and shouting..

Status of the week Another test and getting to know the oven happened. Before I did anything else I imagined oven gods and asked for one – just one – oven related succes this week. Is that too much to ask? I think not. The cinnamon rolls turned out great and yummy although a couple […]

Status of the week..

I want to try something different. I’ve tried blogging in different styles and it doesn’t seem to work for me and I get stressed out. I don’t want to make a post just for doing it and it would of course be easier if I could keep to one topic. I think it’s admirable that […]


Choices are nice. Everyone likes to be able to choose what they want. With two things to choose from it’s hard not to choose between them even when it’s nothing relevant. Like reading this post or not. See what happened? Maybe you read on and maybe you tune out but you’ve chosen. If you chose […]

Wool into yarn..

It seems weird but it isn’t. Many people do this. It’s a hobby just like everything else and those who spin their dog’s wool into yarn usually have a goal. A hat. A pair of mittens. Or some really warm socks. There’s different ways to spin and I won’t go into all of them here, […]

Airborne chicks..

They’re gone.. Yesterday when I came to check up on the chicks, I found an empty nest. There was one egg left but that’s it. I haven’t seen more than three chicks at the same time. Either they’ve been using the fourth chick as a pillow or it fell out and was taken by a […]

She’s finished..

It took about three months – maybe because spring was very cold compared to normal. But she’s done blowing coat. She’s back to normal shedding like everybody else. Now it’s possible to relax a little from the wolly side of cleaning. Brushing is reduced to normal; once a week. She’s happy the wool is gone […]

Weird spider.. and arachnophobia!

One of the creatures here who don’t pay rent are the spiders. There’s a lot of them! One of them is the European garden spider (cross spider) Araneus diadematus. It’s one of the most common spiders in this country. In my research for the one I took a picture of, I came across some of […]

Lil’ chicks are doing fine..

Today was a maybe-thunder-day. It’s clouded and the temperature isn’t that high. Those clouds are very dark and full of Moxxi’s cryptonite so I thought it would be nice for her to take her round before it hit, run off some energy and make her trips to the bathroom. That took us about an hour […]

Pleasant surprise..

What is it about fish? It seems a bit like ouzo. Either you like it or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground here. So.. yeah.. part of my dislike of fish in general is about having to eat the damn things once a week all through childhood. Didn’t like them then, […]

Squaak! Flap flap flap..

I hear this sound all the time. Sometimes it’s a different sound but this one, the flight call of a pheasant is what I hear every day all through summer. Then it’s just a question of finding him, he’s nearby. Aah, I see him. Big, beautiful and proud. He’s good looking and he walks as […]