Favourite soup..!

I want to share my soup with you. It’s not just any soup. It’s elderberry soup, it’s delicious and it’s my favourite! Elderberries are tricky, poisonous, edible and healthy.. all at the same time. It’s a very common bush / tree in Scandinavia and by the looks of it my tree has been around for […]

Worn out…

Have you ever had a tool, an implement, a piece of clothing or something that you were so fond of that when it gave up it was.. well, it’s not the end of the world obviously, but it can be very frustrating because the item is so old that it’s been discontinued a long time […]

A ton of heat..

This was a little over a week ago -ish.. I’ve been completely down and useless for a while. Hurting, exhausted and at the end of my mental rope. That’s what happens when you’re driven to far but there’s no way out. The following is why I hate winter with a passion and it’s not going […]

Safe at home..

Some people.. I’m glad I don’t need company so badly that I’ll do crazy things just because I have to be alone. I feel sorry for them. It must be awful to be so used to being around others that the thought of being alone scares them. I know of people who’d rather stay in […]

January clean-up..

Why is it that when Christmas and New Year is over and all the decorations have to go back to their boxes it takes a lot longer that it did putting them up?? That’s what it feels like. There’s so much all of a sudden that somehow found it’s way out of the boxes and […]


I thought I could write a small story before the clock strikes twelve, but I’m not feeling it. There’s nothing there right now. It’ll be back. I know what I did wrong – that’s a great start to do things right. I thought I could put the blog and what I do with it in […]


A lot have chanced this year but one thing hasn’t. It’s still Christmas no matter what. It looks very different than most are used to. And then there is this place. Everything is as usual. The house is decorated. The gifts are wrapped and almost ready. The ribbons are not going to be added until […]

Getting there..

🎶 På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød… 🎶 Oops.. wrong song. Heck! Wrong language! Where’s the switch?! Looking around in the mess that is my workspace. It looks like Santa’s workshop but don’t tell him – I don’t want to work at the Northpole. Do you know how difficult it is to get a […]

Thank you!..

There’s no Thanksgiving tradition here – that I know of. Some places the Harvest festival is celebrated and for the same reason. It’s held – if it’s held – when the main harvest is over. The exact date varies and since I’ve never attended one I don’t know anything about it. But Thanksgiving is something […]