Lantern with stars..

Cardboard just for fun It’s dark outside. Really dark. The evening walk with doggo has to start about 3 pm in order to get home before it’s pitch black. So I wanted to spread a little light and made a lantern out of a carton that used to contain 2 liters of green tea. It’s […]

Getting there..

🎶 På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød… 🎶 Oops.. wrong song. Heck! Wrong language! Where’s the switch?! Looking around in the mess that is my workspace. It looks like Santa’s workshop but don’t tell him – I don’t want to work at the Northpole. Do you know how difficult it is to get a […]

Carrots and chimneys..

Sometimes Moxxi is too smart. Went to the store to get some coffee and ended up also buying vegetables, naan bread and some other stuff that wasn’t on the list. Typical. When I got home the grocery bag was inspected very thoroughly in case I forgot something for the doggo. Of course I didn’t – […]