Lonely reindeer..

Finished amigurumi I don’t have the pattern anymore. This reindeer is the only thing left of a failed and rather massive project but there’s no reason to throw it out just because of that. It was part of a project containing a huge merry-go-round and I finished the base and the roof as well. Then […]

Happy Halloween..

The branch inspired me to create a small decoration for today. It came down during the last storm and it looks a bit like antlers. I thought it could be used for something. So with a few crocheted creatures, some leaves, a led fairy light, some yarn and a couple of plastic flies I ended […]

Bat for halloween..

Finished amigurumi.. Bats are cute.. Well most of them. The ones I’ve encountered have been sweethearts. Like the one I helped taking care of and learned about while feeding it with fruit or the small ones I have in my garden. I enjoy watching them while they hunt for insects on late summer nights. They’re […]

Small, fast and cute..

Finished amigurumi.. I don’t decorate for halloween. No one celebrates it here anyway. But.. so many patterns for halloween stuff… I simply have to make at least some of it if I can. I want small and fast-to-make ami’s and I’ve hunted down the pattern for this little cute spidey: The body is approx. 2 […]

Small but mighty dragon

Finished amigurumi Dragons are awesome! Majestic, beautiful and very very old. Of course they don’t exist but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating. My dragon is finally finished and I’m really happy with it.This one is supposed to be made with a 4 mm hook, so of course I made it with a 2,5 […]

Forgotten Mouse..

Finished Amigurumi This post should probably have been called “a forgotten project” because I litteraly forgot about it. I needed a break from crochet hooks, patterns and assembly so I stopped this project before it was finished. I hate the assembly. It’s so annoying, no fun at all and just .. meh! So.. This poor […]


For a bookworm like me a bookworm like this littly guy seemed like the perfect match. He’s so cute! He’s not particularly difficult to make, although I ran into a litte hickup or two along the way. Mostly it was my own fault and it’s what can happen when you don’t use the materials listed […]


Something’s lurking in the shadows.. Better be careful. You never know what comes out of there. Maybe it’s something dangerous.. There’s a lot of teeth and claws on that one. If we stand still, maybe it won’t see us.. Roaarhh!!! OH NO! Run for your life! Look at those claws.. It’s going to eat us! […]

Nerdy gift..

Found this little gem in my search for something that could be a “nice and nerdy gift”: the Tardis. I made it a little different but it turned out ok. I’ve never seen a Dr. Who episode so I don’t really know anything about it, but from the little pieces and quotes I’ve picked up […]


Baymax is the best! From the moment I saw Big Hero 6, I wanted a Baymax. One of my favorite moments is when he learns the fist bump. The blalalala-sound gets me every time. Anyway.. The pattern is in Spanish but phew.. there’s also an English version. He was easy to make and I chose […]