Food Waste..

After putting all the Christmas decorations back in their boxes – that took a whole day and isn’t fun at all. It’s much more fun to find the boxes and figure out how to decorate.. Ah well. That part’s over for now and the first real shopping trip for me was today. People behave as […]

Afraid? Nope..

It’s been a couple of days since New Year and everything is wrapped in grey rain. Since I wasn’t able to get any fireworks this time, I thought I’d go outside anyway and look at other peoples firework. Moxxi went with me as always – she needed to use the bathroom anyway. She’s not afraid […]

Happy New Year..

Thank you all ­čĺĽ Another year is almost over, I sincerely hope the next one will be better. I said that last time too and that didn’t help but maybe this time. I’ve given myself a kind of vacation. It turned out that 24 posts in just as many days was too tall an order, […]

Merry Christmas 2021..

Dec 24 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia Christmas Eve isn’t right if Santa isn’t there, agreed? There’s no way around him. Santa IS Christmas, yes? At least for children and those of us who never grow tired of Santa’s magic. Some of the participants in the Christmas events may or may not be real but the […]

Rice porridge – the couch way..

Recipe This is one of the easiest recipes on the planet. The only choice is whether you want to spend your time at the stove or doing something else while dinner gets almost done on the couch. I know what I want, because milk in a pot is annoying if you don’t stir often enough. […]

├ćbleskiver from scratch..

Recipe As I mentioned in this post, ├Žbleskiver (pancake puffs / pancake balls) is a tradition in Scandinavia. All through December people eat these with great joy and without cutlery. I was told that my recipe would be a good addition to the list of traditions, and now that I have a moment, I’ll share […]

Waffles from scratch..

Recipe I’ve been talking about waffles in December because that’s what many Danes like to eat as a snack. Sometimes I buy a waffle-mix but not this year. I found a recipe that I wanted to try out and I found it was good enough to keep so I’ll share it with you. You don’t […]


Dec 23. Presents Today is what we call “Little Christmas Eve”. It’s the day before The Day and for the kids this is the last whole day of waiting for the one thing they think of as “Christmas” – the presents. The idea of giving presents is Roman. Apparantly they started giving gifts this time […]


Dec 22 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia It had to come. That difficult word that causes so much trouble for foreigners to say and can’t be translated properly. A good bet is “Danish pancake puffs” or ” pancake balls” or for the brave who want’s to try: “├Žbleskiver”. Emmy in this video is the first I’ve […]


Dec 21 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia Waffles are yummy! And many eat these in December. As far as I know they come from Belgium and has been around for about 150 years. They’re almost as popular as “├Žbleskiver” and are also sold freshly made in a Christmas Marked and you can make them yourself, either […]


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