Gray-striped cat with white chest and paws

I’m known as Kitty

Maybe you like this place – maybe you don’t. In any case: thank’s for your visit – I appreciate it. I’ve never had a blog before and I’m probably going to make a ton of mistakes in the this process. No one goes through life without making mistakes – that’s how we learn. Maybe this will be interesting.

I am a stubborn kitty who passed her prime centuries ago. I live on the backside of nowhere in Skandinavia and I’m disabled but that isn’t allowed to dictate everything. And I want to crochet amigurumi, write tiny stories, ramble about random stuff and maybe do something else as well.

The blog is a bit about a lot of things. Nothing’s consistent because of health issues. Sometime I can post twice a week, other times I can only post once every two weeks. I hope you’ll join me in this journey where ever it goes.

Feel free to send me a message – I don’t bite (or scratch 😉) as long as it’s related to the blog..

Ye be welcome