Food Waste..

After putting all the Christmas decorations back in their boxes – that took a whole day and isn’t fun at all. It’s much more fun to find the boxes and figure out how to decorate.. Ah well. That part’s over for now and the first real shopping trip for me was today. People behave as usual although most are waring masks – it pleases me and I feel a little safer walking around in a store. Some even keep their distance without the stripes on the floor. They have my respect. Anyway.. I didn’t buy a whole lot, just for the pets and the essentials for me. There is a shortage of produce around the world and I haven’t quite figured out the (real) reason and there was something I couldn’t find so I’ll take what I can get. I did however find something that I think is a stroke of genius. I needed carrots and found this. It says on the label: “avoid foodwaste”. “The bag contains big and small carrots”.

The point of the bag is that the carrots don’t have the same length or the same girth. Heck, some of them are even broken so it’s only half a carrot! This is unusal. These are the ones that aren’t put in a bag and get to go to the store. These are the rejects. They aren’t pretty and uniform enough. Maybe they can be fodder but you don’t see them in the store. I welcome these. Why? Because they taste every bit as delicious as the pretty ones! These were peeled, grated and mixed with sugar and lemon juice. I got a nice bowl of carrot salad to go with the main dish. Victory!

We all know that around the world people are hungry. People are malnourished. People die of starvation! We know this. At the same time tons of food is thrown out. Food or produce that could have been used for a meal for hungry people. Madness. Some of the absolut worst to produce foodwaste (in relation to their general populations) is according to U.S, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania and France. One country among these surprised me. I thought we were better. I’m ashamed of this..

I believe that the best effort is done locally. I’ve talked to my local store an asked them over and over why they don’t sell their produce at a lower price instead of throwing them away. It took years of more voices than just mine but just today I saw a shopping cart close to the register filled with stuff that was close to date or was damaged. All at reduced prices. Great! This way I got a nice loaf of rye bread and a bit of left-over chocolate from Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with it. The bread is close to date so it’ll go into my freezer in portions and that way it’ll keep fresh until I need it. I love finding produce like this.

I try. I’m not good at it but I try. I make a big portion of food and keep it in portions in the freezer until I need it. The motivator is that I hate cooking and this way I only have to re-heat, but it reduces food-waste too, so I believe it counts. I never buy a lot of produce, I can’t plan that much but I stock up the freezer and the pantry and everything is used. Sometimes it’s what I like to call “Minecraft food”. That means simple, or weird or maybe not what you would put together, but it works and gets the job done. Sustenance. Other times it’s a proper meal and left-overs are used as well. The dog? Nope. She has her own food and it’s better for her than human food.

Years back there was a lot of awareness about edible produce in the dumpsters behind the stores. People got to them and took what was thrown out anyway. You can be for or against this kind of activism but the fact is; so much produce is tossed out this way and it’s wrong. Less than perfect produce should be sold at a lower price or made into a meal. I’ve seen perfectly fine fruit picked of a tree and tossed on the ground just because it didn’t have the perfect shade of red. Madness!! I don’t have the solution to this problem but I think a bag of “food-waste carrots” is a good effort in the local community and maybe not the worst produce to buy. I wish more stores did this..

Have a great day..

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2 thoughts on “Food Waste..

  1. I agree 100%! When I was down south (Southern US) I would see entire fields of watermelons left to rot. That bugged me. Some do give them away though.

    My local market does mark down produce and goods approaching their expiration date.

    Oh and you know what? If an outer crate in shipping is damaged the stores will just throw the whole thing out. A family I know drives trucks that’s how I know this. Although some give to local food panties, many of the stores basically give them anything that is dented in shipping or tips over.

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    1. I like that your local store is doing something. I didn’t know about the crates but it doesn’t surprise me. As long as it’s cheaper to just waste it, that’s what they’ll do. I also know that people gets fired if they give left-over food to homeless people. I don’t understand how people can envy a homeless person something to eat. If food’s tossed out, it’s trash. Ergo it non-profitable so no problem.

      There are organisations in DK who informs about food waste, how big the problem is and what to do about it but I don’t know of any food pantries or something like that here. There are faith-based agencies who does a great deal in this area, especially around Christmas. They get donated food from stores etc. and they’ll distribute it among those who apply for help. Fighting food waste is mostly an individual thing here I think. Maybe it shouldn’t be..


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