Afraid? Nope..

It’s been a couple of days since New Year and everything is wrapped in grey rain. Since I wasn’t able to get any fireworks this time, I thought I’d go outside anyway and look at other peoples firework. Moxxi went with me as always – she needed to use the bathroom anyway. She’s not afraid New Years Eve, she knows I’ll protect and comfort her if she needs it, I keep her in a safe distance and we “talk” about how pretty it is, especially the blue and yellow that she can see. She get’s mad if she’s not allowed outside to join the fun that night. I’m just glad that her training works so mid-pee someone celebrated a bit too soon and ka-boom. Moxxi just turned her head up to find it and continued to pee. Afraid? Nope. Comfortable in her own skin? Oh yeah..

The catties aren’t afraid either. I trained them the same way I’ve always done it. I use other peoples impatience as a training device. So when they send off fireworks, we look at it and I go “wow look at that, it’s so pretty and you’re such a good girl” and so on. The training works and I’m happy for them because of it. They didn’t even bother go to the window and look this year. There wasn’t anything to look at anyway. The fog was so dense it was impossible to see anything. When I came inside they were both asleep, one lying on the back. So.. I woke up the birthday cattie. A little celebration was in order for the Diva. A long time ago I got a kitten who wasn’t nearly old enough to go into the world but was kicked out by two-legged *beep* who I have nothing good to say about. The vet estimated the kitten to be five or six weeks old. Noone knows when whe was born and she couldn’t eat on her own. I fed her, took care of her and gradually she figured out how to cat. I promised to take care of her. I’ve kept that promise. She turned 13 the first day in the new year and she’s doing fine. Afraid? Nope. Comfortable in her own skin? Oh yeah..

The other cattie celebrated too. You can’t give one and not the other, right? They both love tuna so that’s what they got and they were happy. The Digger got her four drops of paraffin oil on top to make sure she won’t have any trouble in the litter box. Something went wrong on the assembly line so without help she can’t go number two. So.. a little help is needed and then she’s fine. The vet tells me that there are many like her. Some cats just have that problem. Then it’s a good thing paraffin oil is effective and she’s got 11 years of xp to prove it. She’s doing fine. Afraid? Nope. Comfortable in her own skin? Oh yeah..

There are animals who aren’t as lucky as these three. We need to do whatever we can for them. The least we can do is being kind to them. That doesn’t take any effort. It’s just a choice. I hope more will choose to adopt an animal and give it a kind and loving forever-home. They deserve that..

Have a great day..

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2 thoughts on “Afraid? Nope..

    1. Happy New Year to you too cattknithat 😊 Fortunately pedigree doesn’t mean anything when it comes to relationships with animals 😊


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