Happy New Year..

Thank you all 💕

Another year is almost over, I sincerely hope the next one will be better. I said that last time too and that didn’t help but maybe this time. I’ve given myself a kind of vacation. It turned out that 24 posts in just as many days was too tall an order, but it’s my own fault. I wanted to do that and so I did and it was fun! It’s nice to know where the limits are – I found mine. I think it’s amazing when people are able to crank out post after post or have a blog about one thing only and it works. It’s not for me. I’m the chaotic blogger who blogs about what ever is in the head at any given time. When you never know how you feel when you wake up, it’s kind of difficult to plan ahead. I need to learn to see oportunities in stuff but it’ll come. Or it won’t. This place is casual – it resembles my reality. I found the limit. I’ll probably push that limit during the year as I always do, but right now I’m allowing myself to sit down, pull the plug, be bone-lazy and not take care of anything but the pets and the most necessary things. I’m good with that. It’s ok.

So.. New Year. Yeah.. Sigh.. It’s not going to be much of a celebration for me. I must admit I’m dissapointed in people. Not surprised and not even angry in any way but very dissapointed. I usually celebrate the new year with fireworks. It’s the only thing that’s amusing for me on New Year’s Eve. It’s the only thing I’m waiting for; going outside and send off a few rockets to great the new year. That’s not going to happen this year. People are assembling in big groups, no masks, no distance, no nothing – just disregard for orthers. I can’t see it any other way. It’s not ignorance – everyone knows what we’re dealing with (still!). Everyone knows what to do. So it has to be because people simply don’t care. That’s the sad part. The behaviour indicates a false sense of security. It’s like they think that a vaccination is the same as being invinsible so they do what they want to, spreading the virus everywhere they go (some are responsible, I know that, they’re just too few). So.. my consequence is: it’s not possible to by online and it’s too risky for me to go to a store. Simple as that. My health and/or life is worth a lot more than a couple of rockets and some chips or maybe a bit of candy. I’ve been isolating since the beginning – I’m ok with that. I’ll take another year. Good thing I don’t depend on talking to people every day 😉

On a positive note I’m as well as can be expected. I don’t crave a morning smoke anymore, I think the head finally caught up and accepted that smoking isn’t a part of life anymore. If I’m careful I can actually do stuff. I just need to plan a bit and I try to live as normal as I can. Just like everybody else who’s “got something to deal with” and come on – who hasn’t? I’m used to exercising now. I don’t hate it just as much as in the beginning and who knows, maybe I’ll learn to semi-like it before I kick the bucket 😉. It’s a.. have-to-do-everyday-thing. So I do it. Because I have to. I’m still afraid of doing stuff that’ll set of bronchial alarm again, because I don’t know what kind of stuff that is. So I’ll wait dealing with the wool until I can sit outside with it. Maybe that’s a safer choice. I have some other activities that I enjoy but I’m afraid to try because what if? I don’t want to go to the hospital. It’s filled and the risk of getting an infection is quite high, so no thanks. I’d rather wait doing those things until the wind can help out. It’s ok.

If I should summarize the year, the result makes me think of the Harry Potter books, or rather the lesson we can all learn from the auror Alastor “Madeye” Moody: “constant vigilance!” Of course, he means against dark wizards but it’s easy for me to visualize something else. That’s the lesson this year has taught me and I won’t forget. I’ll go back to my imaginary sandy beach, drink my piña colada while the catties figure out what a lizard is and the doggo is sleeping in the shadow besides her table fan. Maybe a green turtle will come visit. Or maybe I’ll see one of my favorite ocean creatures; a shark. Who knows.. It’s my beach – anything can happen, and most of all I hope 2022 will be better 😀

Thanks for the subs, the likes and the comments. I appreciate it all.

Happy New Year to you from the paws and I 💕

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