Merry Christmas 2021..

Dec 24 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia

Christmas Eve isn’t right if Santa isn’t there, agreed? There’s no way around him. Santa IS Christmas, yes? At least for children and those of us who never grow tired of Santa’s magic. Some of the participants in the Christmas events may or may not be real but the person who inspired the whole concept of “Santa” as we know him today, was a very real person. A bishop no less and so very kind and generous. He helped out anonymously because he didn’t want praise for it. This was back in the fourth century. He was of course dressed in his bishop robe and it wasn’t until the 20th century we could se Santa in his red suit with white fur trim. There’s nothing more beautiful than looking at a small child who’s looking at Santa and you can see that the child truly believes. The big innocent and awestruck eyes, the anticipation and the joy that this wonder of Cristmas really happened and the child saw it and will tell you “Santa talked to me! He gave me a gift!” Now that is powerful. That’s the true magic of Christmas..

And now it’s time for me to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. I hope you’ve enjoyed these small bits as much as I have. Have a great day, take care of yourselves and each other.. Merry Christmas ūüíē

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