Dec 22 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia

It had to come. That difficult word that causes so much trouble for foreigners to say and can’t be translated properly. A good bet is “Danish pancake puffs” or ” pancake balls” or for the brave who want’s to try: “æbleskiver”. Emmy in this video is the first I’ve ever heard pronounce “æbleskiver” so well that it sounds Danish. That’s amazing because it’s really a tough one. I can see that Emmy and I use roughly the same recipe, but I add 1 Tsp ground cardemom, a small pinch of salt and the zest from a whole lemon too.

No Christmas without danish “æbleskiver”. It’s one of the most popular treats and they’re everywhere in December! You can buy them pre-made at the store, you can buy them warm and freshly made at a Christmas Marked, but you can also make them yourself. Served with powdered sugar and/or jam and eaten without cutlery. In the old days a small piece of apple was put inside while they baked – the name means “apple slices” because of it. That’s not done anymore unless you want to do it yourself. I just made these. There’s enough for you too.. 😋

Have a great day..

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3 thoughts on “Æbleskiver..

  1. Thanks Kitty. I would love to come over for æbleskiver. It sounds delicious. 😅 I will have to check out that video later on how to pronounce it as I am around people right now.

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