Dec 21 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia

Waffles are yummy! And many eat these in December. As far as I know they come from Belgium and has been around for about 150 years. They’re almost as popular as “æbleskiver” and are also sold freshly made in a Christmas Marked and you can make them yourself, either from scratch or a mix sold in the store. They’re also served with powdered sugar and jam, icecream or fruit or what ever you like. If I’m given the choise between æbleskiver and waffles I’ll pick the waffles. They are absolutely delicious – and I’m weird, I like them best right out of the waffel maker just the way they are. They’re crunchy, sweet and just.. yummy!

Photo by Ayla Fazioli

Have a great day..

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5 thoughts on “Waffles..

  1. Hi Kitty! We have waffles in the US too! Man. I need to get a waffle maker. They do sell frozen waffles that you heat in the toaster. I think I have some blueberry ones in the freezer actually. That sounds good actually. I didn’t know it was Christmas food. Oh! What do you put on them? I like maple syrup, but I know a lot of people who just like hot butter.

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    1. Yes, I’ve seen those waffles for the toaster. I was surprised first time because; don’t they get dry? Are they still crunchy? Are they big like belgian waffles or thinner like those in the post? So many questions haha. I don’t put anything on them, but I’m weird. The tradition is; dip a waffle in jam, then in powdered sugar and wolf it down. A waffle maker is a must, then you
      can make them whenever. I’ll add the recipe when I can get a moment to make a post.


      1. Oh! Just seen this. The freezer ones are pretty hard and crunchy, but soften up when you put them in a toaster. You have to eat then pretty quick or they don’t taste that great. When they cool down they actually taste like the cones for ice cream that you can buy in the box. They are ok.

        I was actually just wondering if you ever played Yatzy or Yahtzee. I was reading about this version of Yahtzee in Scandinavia where you play with six dice. We only play with five dice. It sounds like fun!

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        1. Thanks for telling me about the waffles, now I want some haha.. Yes yatzy is a game most people knows here. You can play with 5 or 6 dice if you want. We know both. It is fun to play with 6 dice but also a bit more difficult 😊


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