Star or Angel..

Dec 20. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

Stars plays a big role in our Christmas. I symbolizes of course the star over Bethlehem. To celebrate the birth of Jesus we put a star on top of our Christmas tree. Others use an angel on top of the tree. As far as I know it symbolizes the angels that appeared in the sky over the manger the night Jesus was born. It’s said that one of the first angels for the tree was made of straw. Angels are usually a part of Christmas here but as part of the general decoration like on the branch. There’s so much symbolism in Christmas traditions and stars and angels have to be there to make it feel right.

I’m very lucky. I have to helpers to make the tree right. I accidently broke the big tree so the little one will have to do this time. I’ve borrowed it from the catties, they have this to not attack the big one and it works. The Diva is helping putting the fairy lights up and the Digger makes sure there’s some cat-safe ornaments to play with.

Have a great day..

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