Branch on the wall..

Dec 19 Christmas traditions in Scandinavia

Some have traditions about how and when they decorate for Christmas. My tradition is to add something new every year. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something I’ve made. This year it’s the branch that fell down during a storm. It has been decorated for Halloween, and I wanted to decorate it for Christmas too. The backdrop is big garbage bag (new of course), that I cut up, hung on the wall and painted. The branch itself got new strings that aren’t that visible, and some cotton as snow. The garland is made from an old broken plastic tree, the hearts are cut out of felt, the trees are found at our version of Home Depot, the snowmen are cut out of felt too, I made the mouse earlier this year and also the reindeer, who can now see the (real) moss he’s eating. The angel is there, just like the star and the Yule Buck and of course some fairy lights. I think Santa’s laundry is a fun addition and as usual I went down a couple of hook sizes so my version is smaller. Coat, pants and long johns are about 6 cm tall. Found the pattern here. This is my addition to the “make something new every year-tradition”..

Have a great day..

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