Christmas Dinner..

Dec 18. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

This tradition is tied to the annual event of slaughtering the pig. That’s why there’s a lot of pork in the meals. We’re good at eating and a lot of people prefer “the usual” for dinner Christmas Eve. That means: pork roast, duck (or both), “medister” (spicey sausage is the closest translation I can get) and ham are just some of the dishes, with all the trimmings of course. And of course risalamande for dessert. What I make during the year is pork roast with a crunchy top layer, boiled white potatoes, caramelized small potatoes, gravy, pickled red cabbage and red currant jelly. A couple of glasses of white wine goes nicely with that.

The dessert is of course risalamande with cherry sauce and 1 almond. Or the variant that comes from Sweden if I’m not mistaken: orange rice. Made from either long grained rice, orange, vanilla and whipped cream or risalamande with bits of orange put in. Both versions are really delicious.

Have a great day..

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