Dec 17. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

Christmas is about playing too and almost everybody knows this one. This game is the one where you’re allowed to steal gifts from your opponents and the goal is to get as many as possible. The gifts are bought or found with this game in mind and doesn’t affect the gifts under the tree. The gifts for this game are often smaller and much cheaper and can be fun, practical, joke-gifts, “naughty” (depending on the age of the contestants) and so on and each person brings 5-10 gifts depending on what the host requires. The classical way is rolling a dice three times. If you roll a six you can take what ever gift on the table no matter who has it. If you’re really lucky you can get three gifts this way. Then it’s the next persons turn and in the same way you got the gifts, you might loose them again. It’s a good idea to set a timer for this game, and when the bell rings the game ends and everyone keeps what ever they got. There’re of course a lot of variants of this. The point is to have fun while we wait for food and presents. It’s great way of getting a little something new or.. to get rid of that ugly mug you always secretly hated.

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