Rice porridge..

Dec 11. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

This dish is one of my favorites. It’s made with milk, a bit of butter, short grain rice and salt to taste. Boiled until it’s a nice, smoothe and delicious porridge and served with a drizzle of cinnamon-sugar and a lump of butter if you like. This is a meal in itself, it fills you nicely and it tastes great. I can cook it on the stove but I prefer to just start mine on the stove and when boiling I wrap the pot in a towel and put it in my bed for a couple of hours – just like everyone did in the old days. That way it keeps cooking but I don’t need to stir, it frees up time to do something else and my bed is nice and warm (Moxxi really enjoys that) and best of all; it gets much better that way. It just need to go back on the stove for the last cooking, thickening and tasting – that’s it. Psst.. don’t eat it all – you want left-overs for tomorrow.

Have a great day..

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5 thoughts on “Rice porridge..

  1. This sounds neat kitty!!! Have you ever had rice pudding? Is it similar in texture? So you just put the cover on and wrap it in a towel? That sounds easy.

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    1. Had to find a recipe for rice pudding and found one over at BBC Food. It seems similar and yet it doesn’t, I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how it is, sorry. Rice porrigde is soft and creamy if made with the fat milk. The method of cooking is very old and yes, it’s easy. It saves you a lot of time. Milk and the bottom of the pot are sometimes a little too good friends, and it’s hard to clean up. You avoid that this way 😉


  2. Maybe I will try this! Recently I found a single serving recipe for rice pudding. Maybe I can try it with that. Yes. Cooking with milk frightens me. I almost thought I would have to throw away a pot before.

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