Boots outside the door..

Dec 10. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

This one is tied to the Cristmas stocking and as far as I can tell, the Islandic version is putting a pair of boots in the window or outside the door. Maybe the children put carrots, sugar and straw in the boots for Sleipnir, and when he came by and ate the goodies he would give the children something nice in return, like candy or a gift. Sounds familiar? We all know the deal with Santa; if you’ve been good you’ll get a present but if you’ve been bad you’ll get a lump of coal. But in the boot version it isn’t coal but a rotten potato. Wow.. maybe a good plan to be good, yes?

Have a great day..

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2 thoughts on “Boots outside the door..

  1. Hmmm, as a kid, I used to wonder when was the deadline for Santa to decide if I were good or bad😂 (tried to sneak some chocolate in the middle of night, after I brush my teeth🤣🪥🦷🍭

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