Dec 8. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

We know the tradition; if you stand under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve anyone is allowed to kiss you on the lips. So if you don’t want that, mind the doorframes and other places where someone could have hung it. The tradition seems to be a big thing in USA and England, maybe they have lots of mistletoe. In Denmark it very rare and only exists in a few private gardens. No wonder I’ve never seen a real one. But it sounds like a fun tradition. The Norse version I know and like, is the one where one of the Norse gods Balder is shot by a poisenous arrow and his mother’s tears fell on the red berries of the mistletoe, turning them white. This made them so powerful that they could bring Balder back to life again. That’s why mistletoe is about love, goodness and life.

I don’t have any mistletoe but I have an experiment that’s finished after 6 weeks of waiting. Blacberry vodka. It was just for the fun of it and I’ll try this again at some point, but next time I’ll use a better quality vodka – I think that’ll do the trick. I looks good, it tastes nice but it kicks like an angry mule! As it should..

The recipe is simple:

200 g of blackberries (fresh or frozen), 200 g sugar, 1 Tbsp vanilla sugar and enough vodka to cover the whole thing. Make sure the sugar is dissolved before you put it in the fridge. Leave it in there for 5-6 weeks shaking it gently every other day. Feel free to add more sugar if you like. Mmm just a shot but very tasty..

Have a great day..

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3 thoughts on “Mistletoe..

  1. Wow blackberry vodka sounds so good👀💕✨
    I know the tradition, I sometimes tease for my husband standing under the tree, but oh…only Christmas Eve!? No wonder why he just gave me weird look😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure if it’s only Christmas Eve, some sources claims that and others claims it’s all of December. I’ll stick to the vodka, I don’t like it straight up but this is tasty. Half a shot is enough though 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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