Braided hearts..

Dec 5. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

Hearts plays a big role all through December and this tradition is Danish. The oldest known braided heart was made by H.C. Andersen. He was world famous for his stories and poems and it’s said that he came up with the idea of braiding a paper heart. I think everyone has tried to make these hearts at some point. They are tricky, requires a lot of patience to make and the more intricate the pattern the more difficult it is. It takes some practice but most will get it right.. eventually. Someone very dear to me made these and I’m careful not to damage them, so they can be part of the tradition for years. The heart symbolizes love and kindness and they’re always a part of Christmas decorations. Hanging on the tree they’re the perfect hiding place for small nuts, dried fruit or candy for the kids to find.

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