Christmas Decoration..

Dec 2. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

If i try to translate this one, I get a very broad translation that includes almost every way to decorate for Christmas. The word in Danish means this specific type of decoration:

It’s a tradition to make these during December and since the candle with numbers on is a tradition as well, those two are usually combined – at least for one of decorations. Different kind of ornaments, ribbons and what ever you like is added. Some use clay as the base but I prefer florist foam. It’s easier to work with, can absorb an insanly amount of water and that way keep the spruce fresh longer and the water minimizes the fire hazard considerably.

You can use a lot of different ornaments for this. I’ve chosen a star, the Yule buck, reindeer, ribbons, berries, apples, oranges, a present and poisonous mushrooms. All these are tied to Christmas and it’s said that the vikings ate the mushrooms to get high. Don’t do that – you’ll just end up in the hospital. But they’re pretty and these are just made of compressed cotton. A bit of fake snow and voilà – we can light the candle..

Have a great day..

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