Christmas bits.. bit by bit..

Dec 1. Christmas Traditions in Scandinavia

The reindeer (who now have eyes) on the branch made me think of the traditions we have here in Denmark. Some traditions means a lot to us, others not so much. The traditions I like most stems from Norse Mythology – that’s still a big part for many Danes, but the concept of Christmas is like a stew. We get a little bit of everything and it works beautifully. Let’s have a look at some of the things we do or have and make this kind of a countdown.. yes?

The first thing I think about when I hear the word “December” is the advent calendar – or as we call it “julekalender” (means Christmas Calendar). Some make an advent wreath out of spruce, usually with four candles representing one sunday in advent each. Ribbons tied in beautiful bows and maybe other ornaments added to make it as beautiful as possible. One candle is lit on the first sunday in advent, two on the second sunday and so on until all four is lit.
Others buy or make a calendar that contains twenty-four small goodies to mark the days to make it easier for the kids to find out how long they have to wait. Since I don’t have any small children anymore, the paws will have it instead.

I bought these two calendars; one for the catties who probably don’t care anyway and one for Moxxi who’ll probably eat the whole thing at once if I’m not careful. I bought one for my self too – I never get too old for that little treat but the expiration date came a lot sooner than I expected. All of a sudden they were all gone and I had to buy a new one. On the positive side I know for sure that I like every single piece in there making the days even sweeter. I’m not even ashamed 😀

Have a great day..

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