It got too difficult to keep track of laps while walking and dealing with the chaos of thoughts in the head. I can’t do anything about the chaos but I can eliminate counting. I need to walk between two and four km every single day just for me. Then there’s the walk with Moxxi that comes after that so my walk is kind of warming up the muscles for the big walk. Does that make sense? Anyway, I bought this little gizmo. It counts. Not by itself of course – that would be creepy. But knitters, crocheters and others know this one or something similar to count rows. I just use it to count laps. It works beautifully. There were other models, some with a battery that couldn’t be changed (I don’t want it then) and other shapes and designs. But I like the simplicity of this one and it looks like a cute face. Right now it shows me 2 km.

I think the hunters have moved their area of activity. Only three gunshots so far. That’s nice. We don’t like the sound of them, or the sound of pellets rolling down the roof even if it’s “only” birdshots. Moxxi knows that we stay inside until they’re gone. They are dangerous and we don’t want any accidents. We just watch as the animals are fleeing through our turf. Mox and I agree to leave them alone and let them get to safety. Maybe the hunters want geese this year as well as ducks. The geese aren’t too happy about it either. Who can blame them. The noise from so many geese is unbelievable..

This is what it looked like today. Very late fall-like and the colours are nice. When Moxxi and I came home from our walk she found these mushrooms. Her instincts tell her “Danger! Not food!” so she only sniffs and show me where they are. The mushrooms are poisonous no doubt but the pattern is of beautiful in an eerie kind of way.

Have a nice day..

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