Wrist warmers / fingerless gloves..

Finished crochet project

It’s getting cold now and I needed something to warm my hands but gave me freedom to handle the leash. I’ve made something like this before and these are some of the easiest I’ve made yet. First pair used up leftover blue Drops Andes yarn. Second pair I made bulky by using three strands of ordinary yarn and that gave a nice colouring too. Made them in an evening and they’re perfect..

It’s a very forgiving pattern. Make ch’s enough to reach from where you want it on your fingers to where you want it on your wrist. My size is 25 ch. from top to bottom. Then make enough rows to make a square big enough to fit around your hand. Mine needed 12 rows. It should be a snug fit. Stitch the square together and leave a hole for the thumb. Found them in a danish video but she also has an english channel, it made it a lot easier for everyone. Pay her a visit if you like here

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5 thoughts on “Wrist warmers / fingerless gloves..

  1. Looks so lovely!๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’• They sure will keep you warm๐Ÿ‘ I love crochet too, but making it round shape still needs some learning for me, so I will stay making flat stuff this winter๐Ÿคž

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    1. Fortunately you can make these as a complete newbie who’s never seen a crochet hook before. I chose this because it’s a square. But as long as you do what you like all is good ๐Ÿ™‚

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