Something is going on..

Huskies are known for climbing trees and maybe it’s a good thing there’s no climb-worthy branches. The last couple of days Moxxi has been very busy around this tree. She caught a mouse yesterday and looked for more but found none. She dug a hole close to the roots of the tree to find them. She can hear them – that much is clear. Standing still, listening intensely and then digging frantically. But she’s on the the hunt for something else too. There’re no squirrels here, but maybe mice lives inside the tree? Or maybe it’s the carpenter bee from summer who found a nice home here. If that’s the case I’ll have to do something so that Moxxi can’t get to it. It would be a disaster for both of them. What ever it is Moxxi is very busy figuring it out. Or maybe she’s thinking about imitating a partridge. It is a pear tree after all..

Have a great day..

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