When the catnip kicks in..

Some cats will react to catnip, some will not. The diva and the digger in this household gets extremely excited when given this herb. Four weeks ago I harvested the catnip from my garden following all the rules. After researching when I messed up the first batch I wanted to do it better.

I cut off the stems when the flowers were at their max, preserving the oils inside. The tied the stems together, hung them upside down inside a cardboard box and left them there for four weeks. The darkness is important and today I learned why. Last time there wasn’t that much fragrance because I didn’t know the correct way to do this. This time.. oh boy! When I lifted the “lid” a cloud of fragrance hit me. Very pungent. What a difference. The leaves and the flowers were put in a big bowl and then crushed. Put in a jar and there is so much ‘nip.. No real effort was needed – just patience. The diva and the digger love this!

Have a great day..

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