Happy Halloween..

The branch inspired me to create a small decoration for today. It came down during the last storm and it looks a bit like antlers. I thought it could be used for something. So with a few crocheted creatures, some leaves, a led fairy light, some yarn and a couple of plastic flies I ended up with this:

The spiders are much better at making webs than I am, but they refuse to do it on command, so I had to do it myself. I neded a bit of cotton string, small gobs of pva glue to keep the knots in place and a whole lot of patience. The leaves are from the lawn, dried a bit and hot glued on. I wanted them in different colours to immitate nature. The candle is bought and it gave a spooky look to the whole thing. The spiders, the bat and the ghost are a nice addition. I let the bat wrap his wings this time, it looks good. I found the patterns for all three here.

It’s not at all scary in daylight but it shows where things are and what they are. It was fun to make and maybe I can use the branch for something else later. While I think about that I wish you a great day..

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