Fall treats..

This week has mostly been about pumpkins and trying new food. I’m not fast (or furious) so it takes some time to do anything. The carving part was interesting but what I was really looking forward to was pickling. 8 jars of wonderful ginger pickled pumpkin! I really stacked the pieces in the jar to get as many as possible in there, no need to pickle air right πŸ˜‰ I was grateful that the limo has a seat. It’s tough on the back to stand up for longer peiods of time and pickling takes time. But sitting down I could do what I needed to, I’m happy with the result and I’m looking forward to tasting in a couple of weeks.

All the apples have been harvested. I’ve used some of them and shared with Moxxi and some of them will be made into thick apple “sauce” and gets to live in the freezer until I can get my hands on some blood sausage. But some of them I used in a recipe (baked apple and sweet potato) I found over at Tanooki’s. It sounded really good but I think my expectations were wrong when I made it. I thought it would firm up a bit – it didn’t and it made it a bit difficult to transfer the yummy from the baking sheet to the plate. I thought they would get a little colour on top – they really didn’t. But! The taste..! The combination of sweet potato and apple is absolutely fantastic! I don’t really care if they were a failure or a success. The taste alone is worth everything. The “fries” I tried just came out lame and soft but this I’ll definately do again. Do I need to add that I ate the whole thing? 😁

My personal chef made borscht this week. I believe the soup comes from Ukraine but I’m not sure. I’ve seen different ways to prepare it but this version has cabbage too and it compliments the potatoes, carrots, beets and the meat so everything is really delicious. It’s perfect for fall, it’s hot and tasty. And look at those colours..like fall leaves put into soup. ❀

Have a great day..

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14 thoughts on “Fall treats..

  1. The pickled pumpkin sounds good. So does that recipe with the sweet potato and apples.

    . . . You were pickling in the back of your limo? Personal chef?

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      1. I must have missed that. I don’t know if you know, but in America a limo is a limousine. It’s a long car that rich people ride around in. πŸ˜… I thought maybe you were having a bit of fun with your readers. Pickling in the back of a limousine is a new one to me. . . .But it could be fun I guess.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

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        1. That’s why I call it a limo. I’m not rich so that’s the attempt of a joke πŸ˜‰ I could of course have called it a “stretch” but.. Have you seen the 1989 Excalibur Stretch Limo? It’s very beautiful and insanely expensive but what a ride! And yes it could be very funny to pickle something on the backseat – especially if I didn’t have to clean up spills hehe


  2. No. And WOW. . . . That is fancy.

    πŸ˜‚ Yeah. Pickle things from the back seat. While being driven to the Opera house.

    One of my dream cars are the cars from the 1920’s. Like the Ford Model A.

    I also like different Volkswagen models. I love the classic vans. I like the Beetles. I know they are a German car. Do you have them in Denmark?

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    1. Hehe yes we do. There’s not many of the old beetles left, but they made a new one. Looks about the same just a bit more modern. A Ford A is cool for sure but I like the Austin Saloon. Today most cars are streamlined and efficient (they have to) and look almost the same but back then the cars had charm and looked different. One of my favorites from a “newer” era is the ’76 Pontiac Trans Am. It’s sounds really great..


      1. The Austin Saloons are nice looking too!! I believe I’ve seen them in old Sherlock Holmes movies. Have you ever seen the Ford Model A trucks? The Trans am looks neat. It reminds me of the car from the Knight Rider. Have you ever seen that show?

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  3. Oh! That has Jackie Gleason in it. My Dad showed me a little bit of the movie. Have you ever seen the Honeymooners? It’s in black and white. It has Jackie Gleason in it.

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      1. They were funny. You should watch them if you can. I guess it’s free to watch on Tubi. I might rewatch them. I would like a Delorean. Have you seen Back to the Future?

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