Snake and a glass of colours..

Does anyone do this anymore, I wonder. This activity is great when the chestnuts drop from the trees. Especially for smaller children with adults close by for help and safety. They’ll probably need a bit of help poking holes but most find it fun to collect, imagine, design, assemble and play. All it takes is a bunch of chestnuts, some toothpicks or matches without heads to connect the chestnuts and something pointy to poke holes with. This little snake came slithering by to say hi. She looks a bit fat around the mid section. Maybe she’s just eaten and is looking for a place to rest. Let’s leave her alone.

There’s a bunch of nice colours outside right now and I set out to fill this glass with some of them. Just acrylic paint. In the evening I put a tea light or fairy lights in there. Then I can see the colours inside too.

Have a great day..

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8 thoughts on “Snake and a glass of colours..

    1. Yes I did Tanooki and thank you for your kind words. The chestnuts was just a “let’s do this now that they’re all over the road anyway” and I remembered how my grandma taught me to make all sorts of animals from them. Simpler times.. πŸ˜‰ I thought chestnut trees were everywhere..

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      1. Oh no Kitty, you’re lucky to have chestnut tree everywhere! When I first see the real chestnut tree was like a few years back in Seattle. It was blooming time for their fruits so a lot of harsh coating chestnuts came down by the wind. My husband was like “Oh the owner of this house gotta do something soon or they’ll get complain…”πŸ˜‚

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        1. Your husband is right, the chestnuts can cause damage if you’re not careful. I had one in another garden once. Massive mess but when the tree was blooming it was very beautiful. 😊

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