Then you know..

There’s no way around it – it’s fall. There’s a chill in the air, leaves changes colours, more rain and a cloudy sky. The extra layer of clothes is a reality and the nice warm and soft home-made socks are true bliss. I finished all six pairs just in time. There’s more yarn but I have other things I want to make.

Ordered a pallet of heat. I hope it comes soon, the chimney sweep is on the way too, it’s the only place where we want a good draft and I won’t start up until he’s checked, cleaned and said ok. I don’t want a chimney fire. There’s a couple of new recipes I want to try next week, if the store has what I need. In the meantime I’ll enjoy a steaming hot cup of lemonade with honey. I don’t like lemonade but this is absoulutely delicious! I think it’s good for a sore throat too. It’s time for that too so maybe a handy idea.

The apple tree went all out this year. There’s supposed to be four kinds of apples but only three has appeared so far. That’s to be expected in a family tree, but I’ve been a bit mad because the only kind of apple I wanted was Filippa and those are impossibe to find anywhere. This was the only way to get them. It was also the only apple that never came. Until this year. Four years later. There were two Filippa’s. Yay! And they tasted every bit as delicious as I remember so I had to eat both of them. Good tree!

The two Tiny Tim tomatoes are confused or just weird. They should be finished by now, the leaves shows fall-yellow and it showed all signs to be done, but then it started to bloom like crazy again. Erhm.. what?? There’s a lot of tomatoes in various state of development. Harvested four the day before yesterday and five today. What’s going on? It’s only 16oC in the daytime and even lower at night. I might have to take them indoors. It would be a shame to waste all those tomatoes. They’re so tasty.

Have a heart, they say. So we did. Pigs heart is a healthy and delicious dish. If you can get past the consistency that is. I like it but I didn’t buy it for me. I wanted Moxxi to have it. It’s good for her too. She wasn’t happy being told to sit down and wait while I took the picture. That smell really trickered her and she muttered something I didn’t quite catch but she was good (of course) and waited until I gave it to her. Uh that was sooo good! It didn’t take long – and she was back for more. Nope doggo – your heart is big enough. It gave her a lot of energy – it took almost 4 km to get rid of it. Good girl!

The catnip is harvested. I didn’t get them on purpose. I bought a potted plant a couple of years ago, that turned into a couple of plants that I put outside last year. I forgot about them and they dropped seeds that grew up and made this wonderful opportunity. I ruined the first batch because I didn’t know they have to dry in darkness to keep the potency. Second try I hung the stems upside down and put them somewhere dark, not to be touched until a month from now. The natural way takes longer but I like that the best. Nature usually knows what she’s doing and I listen the best I can.

When you find extra clothes, then you know..

Preparing for getting the ovens going, then you know..

When the apples falls from the tree, then you know..

When you can harvest, pickle, dry and preserve all day long because there is so much to keep, then you know..

Fall is here..

Have a great day..

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