Happy Halloween..

The branch inspired me to create a small decoration for today. It came down during the last storm and it looks a bit like antlers. I thought it could be used for something. So with a few crocheted creatures, some leaves, a led fairy light, some yarn and a couple of plastic flies I ended […]

Smokey anniversary..

Today is a weird anniversary. It’s excactly one year since I stopped smoking. One year since I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Something I’ve never tried before and I can’t recommend it. I’ve been thinking about what has happened since that scary day. I was in the middle of cleaning when suddenly […]

Bat for halloween..

Finished amigurumi.. Bats are cute.. Well most of them. The ones I’ve encountered have been sweethearts. Like the one I helped taking care of and learned about while feeding it with fruit or the small ones I have in my garden. I enjoy watching them while they hunt for insects on late summer nights. They’re […]

Fall treats..

This week has mostly been about pumpkins and trying new food. I’m not fast (or furious) so it takes some time to do anything. The carving part was interesting but what I was really looking forward to was pickling. 8 jars of wonderful ginger pickled pumpkin! I really stacked the pieces in the jar to […]

Carved pumpkin..

It’s almost time. Some decorate for haloween, some don’t. I’ve seen a single house so far decorated with a spider on the wall. A few have carved a simple face out of a pumpkin and put a light in there. It looks great. I don’t decorate – no one will see it and the weather’s […]


Sitting in my corner with some scared ranting.. I’ve had to keep away from writing for some time. Have you ever been so angry that it would be potentionally problematic if you interacted with other people in any way? That, if you said something it would be so harsh that it could harm innocent people? […]

Small, fast and cute..

Finished amigurumi.. I don’t decorate for halloween. No one celebrates it here anyway. But.. so many patterns for halloween stuff… I simply have to make at least some of it if I can. I want small and fast-to-make ami’s and I’ve hunted down the pattern for this little cute spidey: The body is approx. 2 […]

Snake and a glass of colours..

Does anyone do this anymore, I wonder. This activity is great when the chestnuts drop from the trees. Especially for smaller children with adults close by for help and safety. They’ll probably need a bit of help poking holes but most find it fun to collect, imagine, design, assemble and play. All it takes is […]

Then you know..

There’s no way around it – it’s fall. There’s a chill in the air, leaves changes colours, more rain and a cloudy sky. The extra layer of clothes is a reality and the nice warm and soft home-made socks are true bliss. I finished all six pairs just in time. There’s more yarn but I […]