Animals everywhere..

It’s been a week filled with animals. In the small department there was the big black beetle Moxxi found, tasted and found out those are not for eating. I’ve never seen her sneeze and shake her head this much since she found out that ants aren’t food either. They were mad! Just because she dug up part of their home. There was also what I think is a grasshopper sitting on a leaf, minding it’s own business. I don’t want to get too close because all of a sudden they go spoinnnng! and what if they land on me?! Panick and screaming.. that’s what happens. They’re creepy but they never forget leg-day.

It’s fall now. The pears are falling down as usual, tasteless as usual and only good for one thing; keeping the critters in the garden fed. When they ferment the wasps will get drunk and a little easier to be around. The butterflies too but they’re always nice, they just can’t fly straight when drunk. This small milipede is hiding inside a pear. It’s a great way to hide. Until a bird takes a bite. But it’s fall and you take what you can get. By the way.. what’s worse than a worm in an apple? Half a worm in an apple…

A lot less creepy was the tiny bird that found itself trapped inside my shed. There’s a small window and it tried to get out that way instead of flying back the way it came; through the door that was wide open but birdbrains aren’t that smart. I’d forgotten to close the door when I got the wheelbarrow. Birdie was so panicky that I couldn’t guide it out the right way so I had to get up close and personal. Grabbed the birdie and held it while I made my way to the door. It’s tiny claws scratched at me and I could feel the heart pounding so hard it threatened to burst out of it’s chest. Removed the very sticky spiderweb from its head as I went and then it suddenly calmed. Its heart was still in overdrive but it lay still. I got outside and opened my palm. One second.. two seconds maybe and the bird took of. Went to the elderberry tree and found a branch to sit on. I’m happy it didn’t have to starve to death in the shed – that would’ve been awful!

The catties got a fidget spinner, just a cheap knock-off, and maybe they would find it amusing. Nope. No dice. So found the usual; tinfoil turned into a ball. Uhh yay! Play like crazy and act like kittens. Unless looked at. Then sit very still, washing the paw and look back as if to say “I’m a very dignified adult – I don’t play – you saw nothing!” It wasn’t until a couple of hours later I found out that there was a hole in my almost-just-finished socks. I know who makes those holes. She always waits until I’m done knitting. Sometimes she’s a bit for sale… (not really)

Oh yeah.. then there was the dog who thought it could be fun to eat my earplugs. She didn’t puke so I kept an eye on the other end. She was puzzled because I inspected more than usual but I found something orange in there and it wasn’t carrots. So far so good. They came out. I put the remaining earplugs in a box and thought they were safe. Heard a weird sound last night and went to investigate. Doggo.. sweet, clever, cunning.. damned mutt! Infernal mongrel! Blasted imp! I swear she’s laughing at me. So sweet on the bed but the box was between her front paws. Toothmarks all over it. I know what you did.. These are mine! Grumble..grumble..I need a goddamn safe!

Some people who don’t know me very well think I complain when I tell these things. I don’t. I don’t strive to get paragons. I prefer pets who’ll give me a challenge. There’s no “bad” pet in my world. They behave well enough but there’s room for being themselves too. That’s what gives our relationship depth. They know they’re always safe from shouting and violence and I know I can always count on them for a smile. Sometimes the smile comes much later but it’ll come ♥

Have a great day..

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