One of a kind or none at all..

Cooking and baking recipes from other countries are exciting. Maybe you find something you like and it’s always nice to learn about other places and their food. If I had the oportunity to travel, there would be so many places I would want to visit for their food alone. However.. it’s difficult to get the produce needed in this country. Like ocra. I’d love to taste it, see what it does in a pot and just get to know it. But no. I’ve seen it online in specialized shops and then the price is through the roof. Same with ginger. There are different kinds of ginger depending on what you need it for. In the store the sign says “Ginger”. And then the price. Nothing else. I asked the person in charge of the vegetables what kind it was (I needed a specific one), and the poor guy looked lost and said: “eeh.. it’s ginger”. This is very typical here. There’s one kind of a thing – deal with it. If you need another kind – too bad. I don’t want six or seven varieties like the tomatoes, maybe just two or three so that I had a choice. That would be nice.

I see sour cream in a lot of american recipes but there’s no such thing here. Some claim it’s the same as creme fraiche and I say it isn’t. I know creme fraiche very well and it’s not sour at all. What’s the point of having the same product but name it differently and with different ingredients (I assume – never seen sour cream)? It doesn’t add up. Some claim it’s possible to make it your self, but I have yet to see comments from ordinary people that fully backs up that claim. Mostly it’s about 50/50 depending on where you live and how the climate is. If there’s a way it would be really great to know. Years ago I heard a rumor that said that restaurants could get it but not private people. If it’s true or not, I don’t know. I just know we can’t get it and it ticks me off. I’d just like to taste it!

Vanilla extract is something I’d like to have too. What I see in recipe videos and what I can get here are as different as night and day. From almost black mystical but very potent liquid to one of these four: vanilla pods, vanilla sugar, vanilla essence or vanilla aroma. I know the first two very well. I tried essence and it didn’t taste like much and aroma wasn’t any better. Could be fun to try real extract. Then I wouldn’t have to convert into vanilla sugar wich is the only option that isn’t made of unobtanium. Maybe the essence and aroma are weak because of the countless restrictions and limitations that regulates everything. I don’t know.

Last grocery shopping I found a squash. No idea wich one since there’s just the one kind. Having never tried that I bought one for a new recipe I wanted to try for dinner. Half of it was part of the vegetable medley in a sheet pan and it tasted good. A quarter of it I peeled and chopped into small cubes and tossed in my salad. Found out it’s not usually eaten raw, but I didn’t know that at the time. It was good there too. The last quarter I chopped up and added to a one-pot dish I made and it was good there too. So.. sqash/courgette/zucchini is a vegetable I would definately buy and eat again (I know it botanically is classified as a fruit but I choose to ignore that 😉)

Or tea.. usually I don’t drink tea but for a while it was possible to buy tea that was delicious in every way. I’ve never had tea as nice as celestial seasonings tea. I could buy it in the shop I visit irl. That was truly wonderful and I often drank tea. Then.. it got harder to get the two varieties I wanted. Then.. it was gone. Every single box of tea.. puff. I asked but couldn’t get an answer. I found a few online stores who has it but not the two varieties I want. Amazon they say. Nice suggestion. It’s not a thing here and after the changes it’s unrealistic to get stuff in England’s or US’s amazon. I don’t drink tea anymore..

I needed a mane for a crochet project and had to find it in England. Nice that they had it, that was before the change, so the price was reasonable. No problem anywhere. Now? Rumor has it that they changed the rules for buying stuff outside EU in a way that made it really expensive to make people stop doing that. (why, when you can’t get what you need here?!) There’s something to it. Remember those beautiful eyes from England that the “small but mighty dragon” got? Because I couldn’t get the correct size eyes anywhere here. The ones the postal “service” broke. The designer offered to send me a new pair, I accepted and the eyes got caught in customs (first pair didn’t). So I got an invoice – I have to pay 4 moneys in customs, that’s totally ok. But! I also have to pay 160 moneys to the postal “service” for printing and sending a physical invoice. Now that’s not ok. You don’t get the parcel until you’ve paid or refused to receive it. So I refused and then talked to the designer and explained why the eyes came back. This is why we don’t buy stuff abroad anymore. Madness…

I can get something sweet though. Maple syrup. According to the label it’s the real deal. My personal chef likes it a lot, I only like it on one thing. I think it’s very very sweet but it’s great on oatmeal instead of sugar. A spoonful of home made blackberry preserve on top as well – it looks weird, but it tastes really good – and then a glass of cold milk and the winter-morning starter is ready. Yummy!

Now that I think about it we actually have two kinds of oatmeal. Coarsly or finely rolled. There’s a choice. Weeh! I’ve been told that what we have is horse feed and maybe that’s true. But it does contain good stuff for hoomans too and on a cold day it’s really great. (Making a happy whinny-sound 😉)

I can get peanut butter too. It says natural on the jar, it’s very smoothe and since it’s the only variety in the store, that’s what I know. I like peanuts but peanut butter is too much of a good thing. Half a teaspoon and I’m done but that amount is nice.

There’s always going to be something you can’t get in your region. And there’s always going to be things you have in your region that others can’t have. It’s just the way it is. Something with grass and the other side I guess. And the more we can’t have the more we want. That’s very human I think.

Rumor has it that amazon will set up shop in this country. Many shop owners are scared to be put out of business and maybe with good reason. I will look forward to it if it’s true. Maybe then I can get some of the things I want. They have the tea and some produce and sour cream powder too. I so hope they’ll have it if they come. They deliver too. Loyalty is something that has to be earned and I have no reason to be loyal to any physical shop as it is. If amazon comes and have what I need at a fair price, I’ll buy it there – simple as that.

Have a great day..

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20 thoughts on “One of a kind or none at all..

  1. Haha, I totally hear you dear! I live in the US looking for Asian ingredients, but it’s so hard! Even though it said specific name, sometimes these taste whole different…Sometimes it’s a good find, sometimes I’m so crave for what I’m looking for in a place without them😂

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    1. Excactly! The asian kitchen is one of my favorites! Watching videos with streetfood. Oooh it looks so yummy! Bought a bamboo steamer some time ago. All I need to do is figure out what to put in it, haha. Dumblings! I wanna try those. Kung fu panda style

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      1. Aw you’re lucky! I asked my husband to buy one but he says NO!!😫 He is the one he loves steamed buns or xiao long pao, so I don’t know how come his answer was negative. Well. enjoy dumplings in kung fu panta style! I’m looking forward to see it dear😊💕✨🥟

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        1. I had to look up xiao long pao, never heard about it. Looks interesting and a place to start. As soon as I’ve figured out something you can be sure it’ll be in a post. May take some time, it is – as you know – hard to get what’s needed. I hope your husband will change his mind since he like it so much. 😊

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      1. I know very little about Denmark I’m sorry to say. I knew it was near Norway. And I knew in your country do Nalbinding. (I think it is a word in Danish?) To me it is the ancient knitting that Vikings did. But that’s all I knew. Honestly I was surprised to hear that you weren’t familiar with peanut butter. It’s very common in America. So interesting. 🙂 Kids here take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school.

        Have you ever had a peanut butter and chocolate cup?

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        1. That’s impressive! Most think we’re located in Germany or that we speak Dutch or something funny like that. I believe you got the Norwegian term but most Nordic languages are so close that we get it anyway. “Nålebinding” is the Danish one – very similar. Never tried it though.. I heard about the pbj sandwich, that’s why I wanted to try it. I bing’ed your question and found cupcake. If that’s correct, then no I haven’t tasted it but now that you brought it to my attention I have to find a recipe haha. It looks amazing! That’s what’s interesting about different countries. Some people here are crazy scared of everything foreign and I’m like: looks interesting, I want to know more! Learning about different cultures is a great passtime for me, so I’m grateful for anything people are willing to teach me. 😉


          1. Well you got “pbj” right! I’ve seen nålebinding spelled like that too! I didn’t know that was the Danish way. There are a few ways I’ve seen it spelled. It is actually pretty difficult to find information on it. Oh! Cupcakes are good, but that isn’t what it is. Maybe “Reese’s cups” will tell more about it. Reese’s are the main company who make them. They are round chocolate candies filled with peanut butter. I think it is the best candy ever made. 😅

            I like learning about different cultures around the world too.

            What kind of food do you like from Denmark?

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            1. Thanks for clarifying, I got it right this time. Never seen those but they look dangerously yummy! 😊 I like most food as long as it tastes good. Summer is about light meals like pasta salat, hotdogs, pizza and the like. Winter is about something more sturdy like cottage pie, mashed potatoes, different kinds of soup etc. As long as the taste is fine it’ll go down. 😊


              1. Well I know what pizza is. And hotdogs and pasta salad. I had to look up cottage pie. I was just reading that caramelized potatoes is a dish in Denmark. That sounds interesting.

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                1. Oh yes.. small caramelized potatoes (sweet and really delicious!). Add ordinary boiled white potatoes, pork roast or duck or both, gravy, maybe potato chips (I don’t know why). And pickled red cabbage, maybe wine and good company. Uh and risalamande with cherry sauce for dessert with a single whole almond inside. The one who finds that almond wins a small extra gift. Then it’s a traditional Danish Christmas dinner. But.. the caramelized potatoes (or “brown potatoes”) can be served with a glazed ham and kale (I can’t find a translation for the kale-thing, so sorry) too. There are probably more ways to serve them, it was just what flew through my head.


                  1. We have ham a lot on Christmas. Or sometimes my family has a pasta, like lasagna. Sometimes we do a Turkey dinner, almost like a second Thanksgiving meal.

                    Have you ever heard of Thanksgiving in America?

                    It’s all about being Thankful to God for what He has given you.

                    Turkey is usually served, along with dressing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Of course different families make their own food. In my family we have a recipe of baked beans. It is made with white beans, brown sugar, onions, and bacon. And it is baked in the oven. It is SO good.

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                    1. Interesting to learn what different people eat. I’m at a point where I’m kind of tired of traditional Christmas dinner so I’ll make what I want – what I feel like eating that day. I’ve done this for years now. What if it was ham.. then I would go hungry to bed. Not good. Pasta sounds really great and you don’t have to be in the kitchen all day.

                      To be honest I’ve never heard of anyone celabrating Thanksgiving in DK but maybe some do. I don’t know. Turkey breast is something I always have. That and chicken. It’s so versatile and easy to deal with. Always delicious. I’ll hunt down a recipe for that green bean casserole I think. Green beans are very delicious. Right now I’m in a phase with sweet potatoes. Made mash with one yesterday and boy it was so good I forgot the schnitzel I had made too haha. It fascinates me that I only have to peel 1 potato to get a serving. It’s amazing..


                    2. We have Thanksgiving in America, because the first settlers in Plymouth colony had a rough time, enduring a harsh winter in their new environment. But they found favour in the eyes of some Native Americans and they helped them cultivate in the new environment. They enjoyed a good harvest and held a feast of Thanksgiving in 1621.

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