Re-designed litterbox..

What do you do when you have a cat who digs all the way to the bottom of the litterbox before doing her business and this way makes sure that the liquid sticks to the bottom like there’s no tommorow? Before it wasn’t that big a deal, I just put in the effort. No more. Something had to change and it wasn’t going to be the catties. So I had to think outside the (litter) box and figure out a solution. I found this box in Aldi and thought it would be perfect:

For my food??

One half of the lid was missing but that was ok, I don’t need a lid. Both catties refuse to use the litterbox if there’s a roof and it’s easier for me too so I’m not complaining. After making a hole with a soldering iron and sanding down the edges so there were no sharp things anywhere, I placed it and filled it .. and kept filling! In the end there was a layer over twice as thick as usual. Dig through that cattie! She tried but now it too deep for her to do that. Ha! The result is a box that both catties can use, one box instead of two, easy access for the catties and easier maintenance for me. I can sit on the toilet and clean it every day without breathing trouble.


A “normal” litterbox can be rather pricey and the design depends on what the cat prefers. Some like a roof, others don’t. Some like a thin layer of litter, others (like mine) prefers a layer about 10-15 cm wich is way more than recommended. But I listen to the catties instead, they’ll tell me everything I need to know. I only decide one thing; the litter has to be clumping. In my opinion it’s the best, it lasts longer without smell and is easier to remove. The catties got the rest down to a science and you might as well just obey. Bad things happen if you don’t: for the diva the litter has to be bentonit because she refuses to plant her furry butt in anything else. Period. Furthermore her delicate silver paws are not at all suited to dig in such things so covering up is something that happens to other catties. She’ll cover on every surface nearby .. except the litter! So that’s my job…

Next demand I agree with 100%. No scented litter, thanks! No baby powder, no lavender or other weird things. 1. It stinks! 2. It bothers the catties noses and makes them sneeze like crazy and they refuse to use the litterbox. 3 It doesn’t belong there. If it smells, it’s not the cat – it’s the litterbox and the close surroundings and if that smells bad, it’s not being cleaned often enough. Simple as that. 4. it bothers my nose as well. I’m with the catties on this one. I buy the litter online. I found a few places where I can get the litter in the natural form that doesn’t bother anyone. No shop irl has it.

Not two cats are alike. The depth of the litter is important to some. To mine it really doesn’t matter as long as there is litter to cover up with. The other – the digger – has adapted to the deeper level. No problem. She’ll dig like crazy but the taller sides prevent the litter to get everywhere on the floor. Nice for everyone. Some cats don’t like sharing but these two have shared everything since the youngest was born and the oldest adopted her, so no problem sharing a litterbox. Just needs to be big enough. Best thing about no-lid-box is; I can always see if action is needed. Bags, shovels and fresh litter is close by.

They’re spoiled but they deserve it. They’re loved and they know that. They’re beautiful and valued members of the family and they know that too. As you can probably tell; I am well trained 😉

Have a great day..

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3 thoughts on “Re-designed litterbox..

  1. 😅 Oh my goodness. Well my cats had a lot in common with yours. Chloe, Maggie’s mom, was a digger. I had to get a box to put around it too. I used a huge cardboard box, that I had to replace quite often. Actually it was from Aldi’s too. It was always the cardboard box that the orange juice jugs came in. One time I went away over night and left her with extra litter (food and water). She kicked the litter all over the floor and I came back to a huge mess. Of course she decides to play with the piles of litter on the floor while I’m cleaning up. She runs and skids through them having the goofiest look on her face. So frustrated and tired, but still had to laugh.

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    1. Oh and Maggie won’t dig either. She would make her mother do it. One day the weirdest thing happened. She walked over to the box, and it wasn’t to her liking. So she walked over to her mother, gave her a look, and made a noise. Suddenly Chloe gets up, goes over and covers the litter. THEN Maggie got in.

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      1. Maggie sounds just as fussy as Jinx. If there’s just one visit in there.. nope! Fix it. It’s amazing that Maggie got Chloe to cover up. Never heard they could make each other do sstuff like that but why not. Cats are smart.
        I bet she had a great time. Litter is so fun to play with. Especially while you’re cleaning up haha 😉


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