Some people won’t go near a thrift shop or be seen wearing something that isn’t new. That’s their choice, no need to judge. More for me and others. Some of the best things I have, I got from a thrift shop. For instance a casserole I bought many years ago for a small sum is still with me today and it’s great for melting butter and other small tasks. I think that it was a non-stick when it was new, but it’s worn off completely. It’s old but it’s one of my favourites. Last time I was lucky to get to a thrift store I found a really nice sweater. No holes, clean and nice colours. It’s been worn and washed so many times that the fibers in it have gotten to know each other really well so the wind can’t howl through them. Yes! Best kind of knit wear!

I’ve made 2½ pairs of socks for me so far. Only the last pair is being made with circulars, fleegle and leftover yarn from other projects. I don’t mind. If they don’t look exactly similar, that’s ok. Once I got two different coloured socks on by accident and a friend pointed it out. So what? It just means I got more than one pair. 😉

I didn’t want to cook something big last night and I knew I had a bit of this and a bit of that but nothing where I could say there was “something”. So I found what I had; half a smoked sausage, half a bag of frozen mixed vegetables in wich I went fishing and removed all those pesky mushrooms, a good handfull of frozen green beans to make up for it, a couple of spring onions, a handfuld basil leaves roughly ripped apart, half a can of sweet corn, some cherry tomatoes on the side. In the frying pan for ten min. Some salt, pepper and thyme and all of a sudden there was a nice meal. Nothing special but it did the job. Food waste? Not in this house..

Have a great day..

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