Discourtesy, berries and socks..

The world has been a little more vicious than usual the past week. I’ haven’t been able to do anything even remotely constructive and it ticks me off, but what’re you gonna do? You have to choose what’s most important right now and then do that instead of beating a dead horse accomplishing nothing and just feeling worse. The past week it’s been important to keep to myself more than usual and fly under the radar. All because of other people. Unfortunately I have to deal with some of them irl. I’m not made of glass but there are limits. I’ll never understand how people can get up in the morning choosing to be mean. Do they go like.. “Today I choose to be a rude and obnoxious jerk to others!” I don’t think they do that but I also think they really don’t give a rat’s ass about how they treat other people. It’s toxic so I’ll stay away. I don’t need that kind of behaviour – there’s enough of that in the world. I’ll just protect myself, that’s what imortant right now even if it does consume a lot of energy that I could have used in a better and positive way.

Anyway.. I picked the last preserve today. The blackberry season is practically over and the berries I picked today won’t win any beauty contests, but they’re ripe and they’ll do just fine in a glass of preserve. I saw the price of a small amount – we’re talking grams here – of blackberries in the store. I got roughly 6 pounds this year not counting the ones we’ve eaten along the way. A bit of calculation later I found out that I have a small fortune in the freezer. That’s amazing and it makes me happy because I’ll be able to find some summer in the long dark days ahead of us!

I decided to stick with the fleegle heel for now. I looked at the tomato – thanks for the links Catknithat – but I simply can’t wrap my head around it. So I’ll stick to what I know and maybe revisit the tomato later. I still don’t get the written pattern for the fleegle but I understand the video and I’ve made notes and have two pairs size big custom made and the owner is happy. I still need at least five more pairs in other sizes so.. I’m grateful for the method. Here’s a little sample.

Have a great day..

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