Rain and practise..

Except for two days it’s been raining non-stop all week. Those two days were lovely. In the late afternoon it gets a bit nippy in the shadow, but in the sun it was really nice. Moxxi helped herself at the blackberries after hunting mice, the rose and the catnip plant are still blooming – I’ll take the leaves of the catnip and dry them soon – and I’ve been able to get about a pound of berries every day for over a week. That’s really great. Today I made a small portion of them into preserve. I had to look it up because what’s the difference between jam, jelly, preserve, marmelade and … I just add sugar and a bit of vanilla sugar and cook it until it thickens so it must be preserve. I think. Either way it tastes great and I usually use it as butter on the bread, then a slice of cheese and yum! That way it doesn’t slide anywhere and I don’t have to use butter.

The sock-practise is going fine. It’s strange to knit socks from the toe up when you’re not used to it but so far I can say: using circular needles instead of double pointed is faster and much more gentle for the fingers. It’s also strange to see the gusset on the back of the ankle instead of the bottom of the heel. I learned that the heel flap and the gusset were two sides of the same coin and thus should be close but maybe I learned it wrong. As far as I can see it’s correct what I’m doing. The best part is that I don’t have to worry if there’s going to be enough yarn. I want to master this before I go on to other types of heel, that way I won’t get them mixed up. But at the moment I can listen to a good book while knitting – except for the parts that demand my full attention – and that’s really nice. So far I’m on book three this week not counting the one I’m reading irl. That’s great!

Have a great day..

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