Puffballs, wild patch and the beach..

Some years there’re puffballs in the lawn. It’s usually a fall thing but I found one a couple of days ago. Some claim they’re edible but since I never eat mushrooms to me they’re just something I don’t want in my lawn. Accidents happen and I don’t want a sick doggo. Especially not when the puffball is so easy to remove. It always surprises me how firm they are. This one was big. They can be much bigger but I don’t want to know and also I don’t want to know when they go puff and release spores. That’s just.. creepy! Do people really eat these??

The wild patch is home for different creatures, that’s why I have it. Before Moxxi the deer used it to park their young ones there to keep them hidden and safe. That – of course – doesn’t happen anymore but there’s a lot of life, it’s just much smaller. The bumblebees enjoy the Milk thistles just as much as the hollyhocks, butterflies go from flower to flower too and the bindweeds are everywhere. Often a grashopper will use one for rest. Last year some Thistle butterflies visited. They’re not native to this country but fly all the way from northern Africa and the Middle East to get here. It’s thousands of km. Imagine how many times those tiny wings have to flap to make that journey. That’s truly impressive! Sometimes I get to see an oil beetle. It looks like obsidian with legs. Even though I’m crazy scared of almost everything insect, it still interesting to watch them. Even the spiders. They’re masters of building. The dragon flies like the patch too and I like to watch them. They’re so beautiful and remind me of helicopters. The patch isn’t that big, just about 20 m2 but it’s like a whole community with a lot more life than I’ve mentioned here. Many creatures I don’t even see, they’re that small. Some rolls their eyes at this. And I think: sometimes it’s healthy to pull the plug, get close to Mother Nature and see what’s going on. It’s humbling and I think that’s healthy too.

Last night we went to the beach. We’re at the point where it’s not crowded, there’s room for the locals and that’s really nice. Moxxi had so much energy so I asked her if she’d like to go to the beach? Heck yaas! So we went and we were in a hurry, I think it’s the fastest we’ve walked the distance so far, but I knew this would happen, that’s why I waited till there was a good chance of not meeting anyone. Halfway there it accured to me I’d forgotten the camera. Sigh.. Ah well.. The sand is nice and clean, heavy to walk in and Moxxi was all sniffy and exploring as if she’s never been there before. The ocean is dangerous, she’s not comfortable getting too close to it but she was very brave and tried anyway. The gentle waves came in and touched her paws, she froze and looked at it, then looked at me, clearly confused as the wave went away again. This is closer to the ocean than she’s ever been willing to go. She got encouragement and praise and the water even went over my feet too and then it was ok in her head. As long as she doesn’t drink the water, it’ll be fine. We had a good time for an hour or so and we headed back before it got too dark. She was so tired! Sniffing and marking all the way but not suddenly jumping after prey. Her body told me: home now, drink, eat, drink a bit more, lie down and relax! And I’ll go home to clean my shoes, check her paws, find a cup of coffee and get some dry socks! ūüėČ

Have a great day..

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4 thoughts on “Puffballs, wild patch and the beach..

  1. We have wild mushrooms that grow in our yard too. I worry about Kat because she will eat anything, but we have not not had an issue so far. We do dig them up as soon as we catch them, but Kat has definitely beaten us a few times.

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    1. Thank you for this! I thought I was going crazy. Moxxi will eat anything too, I really need to keep an eye on her. I’m glad I’m not alone in this and that Kat and Mox are allright.


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