Learning, berries and butterflies..

I’m late today, but I trust you’ll forgive me. I’ve wanted to be able to knit toe up socks for years but never got around to it until now. My problem is difficulties reading – or rather understanding – a written pattern. It’s a perception (not stupidity) thing and it just means I need to work five times harder to understand what it says and still I can be clueless as to what I’m supposed to do. Anyway! I learned to knit socks from pictures, a few numbers and a metric ton of trial and error. I learned. It’s the one thing I’m really good at knitting. I want to learn another way, the fingers aren’t too pleased with the one I use anymore. Very odd to get used to circular needles and “bunny ears” and a lot of magic it seems. But the joints are telling me to keep going in this direction, so.. keep going! I just hope I can find another way to make the heel. What I’ve seen so far is… hmm .. not for me.

Dpn’s like I’m used to
Learning to use “bunny ears”
Toe increase is very subtle
My usual toe decrease
My usual socks and the goal for the new way

Being a bit busy in the garden. Remember how the blackberries failed last year? I didn’t say anything this year until I was sure there were berries. And boy are there berries! They just needed a year off apparantly. Good for them. They’re back and I’ve picked some of them and got a million scratches in the process. Worth it! They’re wild, sweet and delicious! After rinsing them very carefully, they go on a couple of paper towels to dry off. Then they go to a baking sheet and into the freezer. Three hours later they’re frozen solid and they go into a bag without braking. Then back into the freezer until I need them for something. This way they don’t get squished. This is my black gold. So far I’ve got 2 kg and I won’t be able to get all of them but let’s do it Minecraft style: don’t get greedy.

Wanted some pictures of the butterflies. They’re beautiful and they’re not going to be around much longer. The whole week has been windy and rainy so when the sun came out, I got these:

Cabbage Butterfly (Pieris Brassicae) A very common butterfly here.

And the Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta) Also very common but it’s beautiful.

This one was chilling in the blackberries just beside the butterfly bush.

Have a great day..

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4 thoughts on “Learning, berries and butterflies..

  1. Thanks for the pictures of the butterflies! I love blackberries! Glad they grew this year.

    Your socks are looking great! Yeah pattern reading can be hard, but you nailed it!!!

    For my first socks followed a pattern and pictures, but still had to result to trial and error to figure out what it was saying.

    It looks like you knit a heel flap and gusset originally? Did you know that you can knit that same heel, toe up without changing anything?

    If you want any suggestions on heels I’d be happy to help.

    It looks like it’s going great though!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words cattknithat. Yes it’s a heel flap and gusset, well spotted. The only kind of heel I know. Got the impression that it was impossible to to on a toe up so I stayed away. Why bother when they say it can’t be done. But things change and I found some videos – have my eyes on one with a fleegle heel that looks almost the same but I haven’t tried it. Still getting used to English terms making the other sock until the point where the heel needs to be made, and I guess it’ll stick eventually. If you have suggestions about the heel I’m all ears. 😊

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  2. Did you know you can knit the heel flap and gussett the same way as you do top down? It’s the first one I tried, and I really liked it. It seems crazy but it still works!

    Eg. knit out the flap, turn the heel, and work decreases, exactly the same as you do top down?

    Here is a tutorial with pictures:

    You can kind of visualize.

    Just forget that you are holding the toe, and do your heel as normal.

    I like to work the gussett decreases on the heel side of the sock though, rather than on the front. Maybe I can post a picture of the socks I made with this later.

    Have you seen the sweet tomato heel? It is roomy, but is constructed different:

    Those are my two favorites.

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