Teaching, yuck! and fast cake..

I wanted to try guacamole and I had a sense of deja-vu but couldn’t figure out why. Prepared, chopped, avoided “avocado-hand” (it’s a thing) and mixed. It looked really delicious and I so wanted to like it because it’s easy nutrition. But alas.. I very rarely spit out food – I am a bit civilized – I can usually get it down even if I don’t like it. I couldn’t. It was.. oh dear.. yuck! Out it went and I’ll never try again. It’s absolutely horrible! Not the taste, the consistency. I just couldn’t. It felt like biting a block of butter. Now I know why I had that deja-vu feeling. I remember trying this before with the same result. I’m not a picky eater – far from, but there are limits. “Avocado” has been transferred into the mental box labeled “not food”. More for you guys ūüėČ

When Moxxi’s run off some of energy and ears.exe have started to work again we’ll train something or learn new stuff. This time I wanted her to know how to remove the covers from the dog tornado and find what’s underneath. Tied a piece of sisal (it kind of stiff and easier to grab) to it as it said on the box, put a dried fish underneath and placed the cover. Moxxi looked confused. She knows what she’s supposed to do but unsure how.

The point is to get the dog to grab the string/sisal and lift the cover away. She tried to move it with her nose as you do. Then push them away with the paws, no luck either. They’re designed well. I saw the frustration start to build up so I grabbed another cover and placed it on “my” side of the tornado. Made sure she looked at me and then grabbed the sisal and lifted.. with my mouth. She looked even more confused but sniffed if there was something underneath. I placed the cover, then picked it up again and held on to it. She looked and registered that I had it but looked at me as if she’d say: “are you barking mad?!” A lot of encouragement and praise later. The fourth time I was able to convey the message and she grabbed the sisal, lifted the cover on “her” side and got the fish. YASS!! Success!! She was so happy and proud she did this new thing so we had to try it fifteen-ish more times. Secretly I’m glad nobody can see me when I teach! ūüėä

Baked a cake, because why not. This time it was a cake-mix. I’ve never tried one of those but it was on sale so why not. I thought everything was in there, but surprise! You still need some ingredients, so it’s a good idea to find out out which before you leave the store. I know people who never has eggs or onions – I don’t understand how they cook anything. The topping tasted really good but was very dominating so I couldn’t taste the cake. Ah well. Maybe I’m just spoiled, I prefer a cake made from scratch, but I can see why there’s a marked for cake-mix, it’s easy and convenient. It’s not a bad product and a great solution to a sweet “problem”.

Have a great day..

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