Small but mighty dragon

Finished amigurumi

Dragons are awesome! Majestic, beautiful and very very old. Of course they don’t exist but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating. My dragon is finally finished and I’m really happy with it.
This one is supposed to be made with a 4 mm hook, so of course I made it with a 2,5 mm hook. I like my ami’s small and ended up with a dragon 11 cm tall, 12 cm long and 9 cm wide. She can stand in the palm of my hand.

I counted about 5o-ish body parts, horns, decoration, spikes and what not, it gets really fiddly at times. Putting the whole thing together was made a little more fun with a good book in the ears using only half the strands of the yarn. I chose to assemble in sets to manage: all things legs in one set, all things arms in one set and so on. The head was a journey of it own. I used the handmade eyes I bought because they’re perfect for a dragon face. Glued a piece of felt on the backside of them with my trusty Humbrol glue for scale models. Then poked the stud into the dragons head and glued the felt to the head with fabric glue. That way nothing falls off. Then modified the eyelids a bit and made all four of them alike (ch 8 turn, starting in the 2. ch from the hook sl st in every st back again, fasten off). Glued the lids on, it’s easier for me and quite nice looking.

This is why I never attach the head of an amigurumi to the body until I’m finished with it. It’s much easier to work with it when you can turn it around as you please and if you mess up really bad (as I did), it’s easier to just make a new head and start over. I added wire to the arms and the wings (zink thread folded in half and twisted). Wire wasn’t enough to stabilize the whole body, preventing it from leaning back (I might have misplaced the tail a bit), so I put a wooden skewer in there and let it go all the way from the bottom of the belly and into the head. The horns are stuffed with a pipe cleaner folded in half. It works.

Even if I’m fairly good at making ami’s , if I say so my self, I got stuck a couple of times. Especially when I read the instructions but don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I can’t “see” it. Many things would of course have been easier had I not gone smaller hook. However.. There’re 25 videos to assist and help with this pattern. That’s amazing and very helpful. There’s a lot of work gone into this pattern.

This has been difficult, time consuming, frustrating, amazing, fun, exciting, mildly infuriating and satisfying at the same time. There’s freedom to choose and so many details if you want them. The end result: I like this dragon! Thanks for the ride Sharon and thanks for those beautiful eyes Carly!

Copyright © 2021

Pattern found here

Eyes found here

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